Paradiso Guardian – Guide to Ancient Scroll and You Steal Man’s Soul! Achievement

Info about Ancient Scroll and tips for the “You steal man’s soul!” achievement.

Ancient Scroll and You Steal Man’s Soul! Achievement Guide


This guide contains some spoilers.

Hello and welcome to my Ancient Scroll guide for Paradiso Guardian.

You should probably be 18 to continue reading this.

There’s nothing adult about this mysterious accessory, but you are playing Paradiso Guardian.

What’s the 2nd rarest achievement at the time of this guide?

  • “You steal man’s soul”.
    • Cast Essence Seize from command input while equipped with the Ancient Scroll.

A lot of people are asking about this one and I didn’t want to make a short guide that could have been a post, so I thought, hey, let’s put more information about this item in one place and try to help people.

I truly hope this gets some folks their achievement.

The Ancient Scroll

You obtain the Ancient Scroll from Yokkun’s Paradiso Warehouse. It costs a somewhat sizable 25,000GP and is only available from a non-standard clerk like Bosschan or Brontide.

Enter and exit the store until one of these men come to give Yokkun a break, then fork over the GP.

All Command Inputs

Having the Ancient Scroll equipped as one of your three accessories gives you “anytime access” to 5 existing Skills, you just have to “cast” them with command inputs. It’s like being able to throw a Hadouken in Street Fighter.

The format for this section is:

  • Skill Name.
  • “True”, minimal Keyboard input.
  • Other valid inputs, possibly more comfortable for Controllers.

I’ll always list the “true” input first, the minimum keystrokes you need to activate the Skill.

This may be the most useful to Keyboard users.

For example: ↓ → P gets us Light Burst

I then list one or more alternative ways to think about traversing through the command input, like a fighting game, which may make more sense for Controller users.

For example: ↓ ↘ → P also gets us Light Burst 🙂

Some notations I’ll use

P means your weapon attack button. You want to push attack at roughly the same time or just a hair after the last directional input.

○ means we’re passing across “neutral”

i.e., ↑ ○ ↓ ↘ → P

Input up ↑ then down ↓ without rolling over any other directions to get there, then roll a quarter circle to forward ↓ ↘ → and press attack P.

Blink Fire

↑ ↓ → P
↑ ○ ↓ ↘ → P

Lenga disappears in a wisp of light. While gone, you can move him left or right and you are invulnerable to damage. Then, he reappears and three fireballs shoot forward.

Spirit Summon

← → ↑ P
← ○ → ↗ ↑ P

In an instant, four spectral motes of light spawn from a warping bubble above Lenga’s head. These spirits of light will seek out a target for damage.

Archangel Punch

→ ↓ → P
→ ○ ↓ ↘ → P
→ ↘ ↓ ↘ → P

A heavenly portal opens and Radian’s Archangel Fist comes crashing out.

Fun fact: This is actually Archangel Punch, not Angel Punch. There is a difference!

Archangel Punch is a skill rewarded for a hit-less victory against Radian’s Standard difficulty Challenge, but you have access to it as well through the Ancient Scroll. Neat!

Light Burst

↓ → P
↓ ↘ → P

Toss a small mote of light that travels briefly in a short forward arc before it detonates into a cluster of explosions.

Essence Seize

← → ↓ ← → P
← ○ → ↘ ↓ ↙ ← ○ → P

In a dramatic flash, everything on screen will be damaged multiple times and silvery motes of life will find their way back to you, healing you for 10HP each.

The Achievement

Speaking of Essence Seize

Successfully casting Essence Seize through the Ancient Scroll is an Achievement.

“You steal man’s soul!”

The command input needs to be pretty fast. To give you some idea, here’s 3 back-to-back activations. The time between them is roughly the window of time you’re working with.

You need to have enough MP, somewhere over 150 (or this might be a percentage of max MP, I’m not actually sure.)

You may also need to actually damage an enemy with this skill for the Achievement to pop. I’m also not sure, but if you see the skill go off and you don’t get the achievement, go to a room with enemies and try again.

Now for the command input itself

If you’re using a Controller like me I find that, until this becomes pure finger memory, it’s best to think of the input in three parts

  • ← back
  • → ↘ ↓ ↙ ← a half circle starting with forward, towards down, to back
  • → + P forward and your attack button, at nearly the same time

The same thing, but on Keyboard might be thought of more like playing piano.

  • Put three fingers of your right hand on the directional buttons (you won’t need a finger on ‘up’).
  • Put one finger of your left hand on weapon attack (C by default).

Think of it as three sections of input:

  • ← (one tap, right finger)
  • → ↓ ← (three taps, right fingers, from right to left like rolling your fingers on a table)
  • → + ‘C’ (one tap, each hand, at nearly the same time)

or, another way to think about it,

  • ← → (two taps, right fingers)
  • ↓ (one tap, right finger)
  • ← → ‘C’ (two taps, right fingers, then quickly push ‘C’ with your left hand)

If you simply need the achievement and just can’t even

Let’s edit our Key Config and give ourselves a bit of a break

  1. Load into your game
  2. Equip the Ancient Scroll (we don’t want to do steps 1 and 2 with messed up key binds)
  3. Go to the options menu
  4. Using your mouse, Left Click on Key Config
  5. Change Down, Left, Right, and Attack to 8, 4, 5, and 6
  1. Confirm and exit the menus (if you have a controller, your controller keybinds will not have changed)
  2. Press 5 once so you’re facing toward the right
  3. Press 458 456 smoothly using the numpad, Essence Seize should go off. If not, try steps 7 and 8 again.

Now go reset your keybinds back to default.

Good luck everyone! You’ve got this!

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  1. I got the trophy I just hit a random candle no enemies in sight so I guess you don’t have to hit enemies to get the trophy?

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