Paradiso Guardian – Secret Room List (with Bond Items)

List of Secret Rooms with Bond Items

The List

  1. Attached to room across from bathrub room nearest to the Thunder Boss.
  2. Hidden room above water warp point not like in the same room but if you’re looking at the map the scret one is like four “floors” above it.
  3. Secret room below bath in library, accessible next to the lower II room where you hit the switch to open the shortcut.
  4. Last area where there’s the zigzag near where you opened the shortcut in the middle if you dash up breakbale wall on the ceiling.
  5. Secret room where the two rainbow currency things were in the tan area parallel to the long drop from the thunder plateau thing.
  6. Secret room at top of zigzag in floodys area before transition to library.

Bonus Tip

Also not related to map completition but in the final dash up segment right before you enter the boss, there is a crack on the left side you can slip through, through there you can get an item called the third eye or something that allows you to see hidden walls with like a rainbow pulse if equipped.

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