Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo – 100% Walkthrough with All Achievements

A complete guide to the game including how to get all achievements.

Full Achievement and Game Walkthrough

Shogo Ookie – Prologue

When you finally get control, examine the girl’s body to add her to your files. Examine the Surroundings and Telephone Booth for more files. Talk to the girl again, then press Recall. Look slightly to your left during the flashback. Hit Recall, then examine Yoko. Talk to her about all options until a checkmark appears next to each option.

When Yoko points, turn around and look up until you get a prompt with a PUSH icon. Press it, then turn around and examine Yoko. Examine her again, then examine the telephone booth. Turn around and examine the Fallen Object on the ground by Yoko. Look to the right of the playground, by the tree, and talk to the Shadowy Figure. Call out to him.

Talk to him, then use the Think option and talk to him again. Ask about Yoko twice, then turn around and check on her for an achievement – Shogo’s Blunder.

Try again, talk to him and exhaust all dialogue options, then press Recall. Talk to him about his identity, then press Think. Talk to him once more, and when ready to convince him to leave, say you called an Ambulance.

On the map, go to South Warigesui Street, examine the surroundings, then examine the curse outline and move closer when prompted. In the dark, just keep trying to move, think, or take actions until you get the achievement Everburning Shogo.

Try again, and this time, go to the Shumoku Bridge Area first to find a Lighter. Once you have it, go back to South Warigesui Street and examine the shadow again, but this time, use the Lighter once you’re in the darkness. Once done, move to Ho’onji Bridge.

Keep talking to the man here until you’ve exhausted the dialogue, then move to Midoricho Park. You’ll be in a sort of minigame here – lean out to the right when the men are talking, and when one mentions hearing or noticing something, duck back to the left to hide behind the tree. After the sequence, keep talking to both men and exhaust all dialogue options (answer The Taiko of Tsugaru if you want to be smart), then move to Komogata High School. Examine the Surroundings for a file, then examine the school gate. Examine the girl, then talk to her. Move to the Former Yasuda Gardens.

Examine the Surroundings for a file, then turn around to talk to the woman. The choices here don’t matter – keep talking until the scene ends and you get the achievement Haunting Shogo. Try again, then immediately go into your inventory, select the Lighter, and throw it away. Move to Ryogoku Bridge.

Examine the Ryogoku Bridge for a file. Talk to the man and pick any options to earn the achievement Foot-Washing Shogo. Try again, and this time, go into the Options menu of the game and set Voice volume to 0 (remember to hit Apply!). Talk to the man again. After this scene, you can turn Voice volume back on if you wish.

After this sequence, you will unlock the Story Chart option. When the Storyteller asks you a question, answer “Five people” for the Whodunit achievement. From the Story Chart, go to Kinshibori Park (Part 2).

Choose Resume, then the point of “Something’s happening to Yoko…”. This time, keep trying to talk to her. Move to the newly opened scene on the chart. After the event, move to the next open scene to finish the Prologue and unlock the achievement The Rite of Resurrection.

Harue Shigima – Part 1

When you get control, look to the left of the stereo to find Mocking Bird sticker #1 and unlock the achievement Mocking Chick. Examine Richter for a file, then talk to him until you exhaust all options. Move to the next scene in the Story Chart.

Examine the newspaper on the ground by the table. You can read every section if you wish, but read the Society section three times to progress. Once you’ve done that, examine the rotary phone.

Outside, examine the Sumida River twice for scenes and files. Examine the Surroundings for another file. Turn around and face away from the river, then look at the first bridge support on your left, then look up – Mocking Bird #18 is on the support. Keep talking to Richter. When you’re asked to guess at what Jonouchi is hiding, say “Junouchi silenced Michiyo with blackmail”.

This is as far as we can get for now. Press Suspend, and head to Tetsuo’s scene next.

Tetsuo Tsutsumi – Part 1

Talk to Erio, and keep going through the options. When asked why the victim was in the park, choose “Someone called him here”. Proceed to the next scene. Groove out to the theme that plays and head to Ryogoku Bridge. Keep talking to Erio again, then talk to Yutaro when you get a chance.

You can use your Curse at various points here, though it won’t have an effect. Keep progressing to get the achievement Foot-Washing Tsutsumi. Try again and as before, set Voice volume to 0 (you can turn it back on after the scene plays out). Move to the next scene and enter Midoricho Park.

Speak to Araishi, and when prompted, choose “The Record of Fates”. At the next question, choose “Curse Stones” and then “Show Curse Stone”. At the next prompt, select “Reveal curse details”. There’s nothing more that can be done in this storyline for now, so move to Yakko Sakazaki’s first scene.

Yakko Sakazaki – Part 1

Click on the coin. Recite “Specter of the Spirit Board, Specter of the Spirit Board, please visit us.” You need to ask “What is this girl’s name?” but you can check the other options first on this and future prompts if you want. Next, ask about “Michiyo’s cause of death”. Move to the next scene.

Look around and you’ll listen in to various groups of students. Once you listen to them all, keep talking to Mio about all available topics. When you can next look around, look up and then turn around for an event. Keep turning until you find Mio. Move to the next scene.

Once inside the classroom, look to the right. Using or not using your curse won’t matter. Outside, look around for an event. When prompted, choose “I’m worried about Mio” and continue until you get the achievement One-Sided Yakko. Try again, and this time select “Go home without checking on Mio”.

This ends Yakko’s story for now. You will earn the Yakko’s Friendship achievement. Head back to Harue’s story.

Harue Shigima & Tetsuo Tsutsumi – Part 2

Resume from where the story was previously suspended, at the “A Nice Thought” scene on the Story Chart. Select Resume, then “Start From Conversation on the Bridge”.

Turn around and speak to the Strange Woman, then continue speaking to her until you can move to the next scene.

Examine the mansion for a new file. Look to the far right on the wall for Mocking Bird #5. Click the entrance to the mansion and go inside, unlocking the achievement Harue’s Wish. You will then unlock a new scene for Tetsuo – select it and enter Kinshibori Park.

When you can look around, examine the phone booth. Choose “Wait a little longer” to find Mocking Bird #13. Once you have it, examine the phone booth again and answer the phone. Exhaust all options. You’ll earn the Tsutsumi’s Investigation achievement when all is said and done.

Chapter 2 Begins

New scenes will be added for Tsutsumi and Yakko. We’ll start with Tetsuo.

Tetsuo Tsutsumi – Part 3

Select Tetsuo’s “Sorting Things Out” scene. Immediately look down to find Mocking Bird #16 by Erio’s feet. Speak to Erio and go through all options. For the Serial Killings topic, choose “The Whispering Canal”, “The Foot-Washing Mansion”, and “The Fool’s Procession”. Once you’ve asked about everything, choose Move to end the scene and move on to the next one in sequence.

Select Komagata High School first. Examine the school building in the back right side of the area for a file. Check the school gates and talk to Erio, then head out.

Head to Michiyo Shiraishi’s Neighborhood next. Look up and to the left to find Mocking Bird #6 high up on a house wall. Select the Shiraishi Household, then wait around until Erio comes back. You’ll need to suspend the current chapter here.

Harue Shigima – Part 3

Enter the “Life Can Be Tough” scene. Keep speaking to Richter. When you can move, go to South Warigesui Street. Examine the Surroundings for a new file. Examine the office building twice to progress. Move to Midoricho Park next. Examine the Surroundings for a file, then examine the tree’s leaves in the upper left corner to find Mocking Bird #7. Talk to Richter, then move to Komagata High School. Talk to Richter and tell him to Inquire. You should then be able to move to Michiyo Shiraishi’s House. Do so and talk to Richter once more to end the scene.

Yakko Sakazaki – Part 2

Start the scene “Hitomi’s Help”. You’ll be locked into conversations for a bit, so keep selecting options to move them along. At the end, you’ll be told to pick a location to investigate. Pick any of them, we can’t proceed for now.

Tetsuo Tsutsumi – Part 4

Return to the scene “Fancy Sushi” and resume from Komagata High School. Speak to Mio and Yakko. Look to the left and examine the Crime Scene on the left until no new dialogue appears, then speak to Mio. Choose “The One-Sided Reed” and “Fumichika Nejima” when prompted. Keep talking to Mio until you’ve gone through all options, then speak to Yakko. Once you’re done speaking to her, examine the Crime Scene again. Talk to Yakko once more. Select Move to finish the scene.

Yakko Sakazaki – Part 3

Enter the new scene “Seiman” and enter the Kurokikyo Cafe. Examine the Inside (off to the right) for a file. Check the wall in the top right of the area for Mocking Bird #8, then speak to Araishi. Keep following the dialogue with him and Mio. When speaking with Yutaro, choose to go with him for the Michiyo’s Grudge achievement. Return and choose to go to the school instead of with Yutaro to end this scene.

Harue Shigima – Part 4

Enter the new scene “Dead or Alive”. When you gain control, look on the ground to the right of Richter for Mocking Bird #12. Speak to Richter, Erio, and Tsutsumi constantly until you’re taken to a new location. Examine the Floor for a file, then examine it again until you’re told you can look at the Old Books (you can’t examine them before you’re prompted, and you may need to examine the rest of the room first). Examine the Old Books a second and third time. When prompted, choose “Are you saying that…?” and then “Kankichiro Iwai’s living sacrifice was a child”. You will unlock the next scene – “Too Much to Handle”.

Speak to Richter about all topics. You’ll then enter an investigation phase. First, move to Candy Shop Sennoya. Look at the top left part of the area to find Mocking Bird #14. Examine Richter to earn Mocking Bird #4. Keep examining him constantly and you’ll also earn Mocking Bird #10. Once you’re done, move to Midoricho Park. Look to the left and examine the Woman by the tree, then call out to her. Talk about all topics, then speak to Richter. Move to the Ho’Onji Bridge, and look in the background next to the tree to find a curse echo. Examine the Surroundings to have Richter investigate. Next, move to Kinshibori Park. Examine the Playground three times to find Mocking Bird #19. Talk to Richter twice, then finish your investigation. A new ??? scene will be available.

Tetsuo Tsutsumi – Part 5 & Yakko Sakazaki – Part 4

Enter the “Standing By” scene. Look to the bottom right to find Mocking Bird #15, then speak to Erio. Move into the school, then go to Yakko’s new scene “I’ll See You Again”.

Talk about all options. Click the coin and go through all dialogue options. When asked to do something to show you won’t forget, save your game, then move to Ryogoku Bridge. Look in the bottom right area to find Mocking Bird #11. Talk to Namigaki a few times to unlock the next scene, “Let’s Do This”.

Examine the Hihaku Soaps Office Building twice to go inside, then look on the ground of the intersection to find Mocking Bird #17 (look at the crossing to Yakko’s right, then look down and slightly left). After that, suspend the chapter for now.

Tetsuo Tsutsumi – Part 6

Select the “Manhunt” scene. Look down on a stone block (to the left of Erio a bit) for Mocking Bird #9. Talk to Erio a few times, then examine the Surroundings. Tell Erio to keep his gun up, then speak to Nejima until you receive the Nejima’s Reminiscence achievement. This time, resume from “After the conversation” and turn around to speak to Ayame instead of Nejima.

??? & Loose Ends

Click to shake away the words. Type in “Hajime”. Take the Soap container on the shelf. Examine the mirror and sink, then examine the left locker for a mop. Examine the mirror to clean it. Press Recall, then enter “Mayu”. Examine the Lights above you to make the room brighter. Examine the object in front of the trash cans to pick it up. Look up at the man’s head during the flashback. When your vision dims, shake the camera left and right to restore it. Examine the bottom desk drawer for Mocking Bird #3. Examine the locked cabinet and enter 1946 to unlock it. Check the Desk to pick up a pen, then take a brief detour to Harue’s last scene, return to her house, and examine her fax machine to learn the number 63**. Next, go to Tetsuo’s Standing By scene after the report, and talk to Erio multiple times to learn about dried ink pens. Return to ???’s Darkness chapter, go to your items, and select the pen. Check the cardboard boxes for Nail Polish Remover. Check it in your inventory to use the pen on it. Examine the fax machine. When prompted, answer “Ho’onji Bridge”. Click the end button (you may need to press Think first) for the achievement Mayu’s Escape.

Return to Harue’s Too Much to Handle scene again and go back to her house. After the events, go to Ho’onji Bridge once more. Examine the Factory.

From here, go back to Yakko’s “Let’s Do This” scene, and examine the Surroundings. Talk to Yumioka, then Mio, then Yumioka again. When you change locations, speak to Mayu, Richter, and Mio multiple times to finish the scene.

Harue Shigima – Part 5

Start the “Last Resort” scene and speak to Ayame. Eventually, when asked if you have a curse stone, choose “No” to unlock the Ayame’s Aspiration achievement. Return to the same scene and choose “Yes”. When you have additional options to choose from, immediately use your curse and earn the Harue’s Legacy achievement in the process. Once again, go back to the options, talk about Tobacco, then pick another option and try using your curse. Select Negotiate, then “Give up the curse stone”. You’ll earn the Harue’s Resolve achievement.

Yakko Sakazaki – Part 5 & Tetsuo Tsutsumi – Part 7

Start in the “Preparing for Battle” scene. Look behind Yakko at the fence to find Mocking Bird #2 (it is fairly small and hard to see – look at the upper half of the fence, between the 5th and 6th posts of the fence). Speak to everyone until the story moves along to earn the Yakko’s Righteousness achievement. Move to Tetsuo’s new scene, “Conclusion”. Speak to Ayame and ask about being taken hostage first. You’ll earn the Master of the Seven Mysteries achievement.

When you get control again, look to the left of the phone booth for Mocking Bird #20. Speak to Mio. Remove the seals in order of Taiko Drum, Beech Leaf, Reed, Carp, Light. You’ll earn the achievement Erio’s Choice.

The Finale

Go back to Shogo Okiie’s Kinshibori Park (Part 3) scene, the one that branches off where you meet Takumi. Start after meeting him then look to your right. In the distance will be a curse echo – select it. Talk to Takumi once, then look at the curse echo again and choose to touch it.

A new scene, “Cleansing” will be available. Enter, and the Storyteller will ask you some questions. Choose “The Beckoning Light”, type in “Shogo”, and finally, enter the name you gave the Storyteller at the very beginning of the game.

Congratulations, you’ve completed the game!

Other Achievements

Night Terrors – The description says “In the middle of the night” and it seems to be literal – I unlocked this by having the game running at midnight. Currently unknown if you can play it any time between 12 and 1 a.m. or if you can “trick” it by changing the date on your computer.

Veteran Investigator – Not much to say here. If you finish the game before reaching 10 hours, just idle the game for a while.

Don’t Be a Quitter – You don’t have to abstain from playing the game and then come back 3 days later. If you’re playing the game at least 3 days after you’ve first played it, you’ll get the achievement.

Everburning Yakko – This one takes some setup to earn.

  1. Go to Tetsuo’s “The Hunt for the Curse Bearers – Part 2” scene and start from the last conversation with Araishi.
  2. Choose not to reveal your curse stone – you’ll get an Incomplete alert.
  3. Now, go back to Yakko’s “Escape from Komagata High” scene, and start from the school gates. There will be a different scene and you’ll get the achievement.

To switch the scene back, just repeat the first step, start from the same point, and proceed as indicated in the guide with showing your stone & revealing how it works.

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  1. Mocking bird #17 is in “Let’s Do This” on Yakko’s path. Start after visit to Hihaku Soaps and look down between you and the manhole cover on the road.

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