TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children – The Mungo’s Mission Tips (Level 58 / Violent)

Tips for People Struggling with That Mission

Mungos work like that:

Mimic Evasion

If you miss an attack, all Mungos that “saw” the action will get the evasion buff, they’ll dodge 100% the SAME Attack Type OR Damage Type until they get their turn, if you keep attacking, they’ll get -AT to act faster. When it’s their turn, they’ll reset the skill.

So, just turn up the hit rate as much as you can and try for guaranted hits. It’s a pain? Of course…Specially because most of them will get the buff for doing nothing at all and can dodge 3~5 times. And it just keep stacking Attack Types and Damage Types. Multi-hit attacks can help reset it.

Also, it’s a good idea to just keep people with responsive actions away from them, if you don’t want to give by accident free dodges to, I don’t know, shots? This goes for cover skills too…

Mimic Attack

Works almost like Evasion, they need to see an attack that hit the target. If they use something with the same Attack Type or Damage Type, they’ll hit, don’t matter how high your dodge is.

Mungo King

Now, about the big bad boss, that will eternaly get a turn for each breath you take near it…It’ll take some damage, but wharever, it’ll recover a good chunck of health later anyway…It’ll hit hard and without mercy. It’s not really tank, just annoying. You can defeat it easyly by using a good build with “Awaken” to get your special up, and finish it in one go as soon as it’s spotted. It’ll get up again (what a pain…). So…Another special should be able to put him down for good.

Other Mungos

The real problem I can see, (besides the MIMIC EVASION and ATTACK that really need some rework) it’s really the big amount of THROWER MUNGOS with unlimited ammo that slow the group forever. You can deal with it using Mungo Clothing so you can negate Frostbite, or using Snowman Mastery. Still, if you’re hit, you’ll get +30AT…You can put someone to tank it and use Kylie support to give the tank their turn back faster or just use the Mastery Set “Can’t Wait Anymore” (+200AT = Get your turn NOW). Catharsis and One Shot One Kill are your friends here if you can keep hitting and killing them in one attack.

But, it isn’t really that bad, if you think a bit, you’ll see that…They actually help? Since they’re making smokescreens that make everyone inside immune to headshots from the Gunner Mungos?

Also as already said, don’t get any meele unit near the green ones, they’ll just forestall and hit for a killing blow.

We can use a lot of good strategies to deal with the problem, we just need to act with calm and patience here. Preparations help a lot, but we also need a bit of luck.

And yeah, you can use some potions to get 30% extra hit if you really need. It’s for 3 turns, but still, it can help a lot in this kind of situation.

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