PARANORMASIGHT: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo – Files’ Titles

Here are the titles of the 49 files you can collect in PARANORMASIGHT.


There are 49 files one can collect in PARANORMASIGHT. Collecting them all unlocks the achievement Honjo’s Biggest Know-It-All.

If you click on every possible location before exhausting talking points in every scene, you should collect them all.

If you miss a few, perhaps the titles will give you a hint as to where to look…


  1. How to Play
  2. The Seven Mysteries of Honjo
  3. The Whispering Canal
  4. The Fool’s Procession
  5. The Beckoning Light
  6. The Haunting Clappers
  7. The Evergreen Beech
  8. The Taiko of Tsugaru
  9. The Foot-Washing Mansion
  10. The One-Sided Reed
  11. The Everburning Lantern
  12. The Rite of Resurrection
  13. Curse Echoes/Curse Bearers
  14. Curse Stones
  15. Soul Dregs
  16. The Record of Fates
  17. The Record of Fates Yin Scroll
  18. The Feast of Shadows
  19. Onmyoji
  20. Western Black Magic
  21. The Honjo Incident
  22. Sumida City, Tokyo
  23. File23
  24. Honjo
  25. Sumida River
  26. Ryogoku Bridge
  27. Komagata Bridge
  28. South Warigesui Street
  29. Kinshibori Park
  30. Former Yasuda Gardens
  31. Midoricho Park
  32. Hihaku Soaps
  33. Komagata High School
  34. Shigima Residence
  35. Kurokikyo Cafe
  36. Candy Shop Sennoya
  37. Azure Heron Agency
  38. Paranormal Affairs Bureau
  39. Occult Craze
  40. Spirit Board
  41. Juvenile Deliquency
  42. Telephone Booth
  43. Katsushika Hokusai
  44. The Nejima Murders (Overview)
  45. The Shigima Kidnapping (Overview)
  46. Notes on Michiyo Shiraishi
  47. Notes on Hajime Yoshimi
  48. Notes on Known Curse Bearers
  49. Mocking Birds
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