Park Beyond – Workaround for Bugs in Game

Thought I would make a guide for the work around on the bugs that I have found in game.

Bug Workarounds

Roller coasters not loading passengers.

  • Close down the ride and then reopen the ride. When you save a game and the reload the game, you can run into this bug and you wont really notice it until you see the line very long in your roller coaster line.

Pathways that have trash but not being picked up.

  • Make sure you have a janitor that just picks up trash on the ground, you only really need one if you have a small park.

Stuck visitors on walkways.

  • Delete the walkway and rebuild it. The visitors will move a little and you have to keep rebuilding the walkway until the visitors start moving again.

Stuck workers.

  • Just fire the worker. Haven’t really found a fix for it. Sucks when you have a very good worker and then they just get stuck.

Campaign mission where you need 7 unique flat rides.

  • Build as many as you can. It will say that you have 6/7 but if you save and reload the save game it should fix the problem.

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  1. When i load into a saved sandbox, all shops are bugged, people line up but never get help, when closed and reopen it says waiting for guest, even tho theres a mile long line, and then profit plummets and bankrupted in 3 months

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