PAYDAY 2 – Infinite Ammo Explosives Build (DSOD)

This build uses Bulletstorm and Swan song to allow you to spam rockets into enemy spawn points and regroup areas.

How to Use + Tips and Tricks

This build is great on maps where you stay in one place for long periods of time Examples (Cook off,No mercy,Undercover,Counterfeit Et cetera.)

This build is great for suicide rushing objectives and clearing rooms:

  • When you spawn in the heist you want to get a joker as soon as possible to get the 30% extra health (this increases your health to 538.2 from 414)
  • Viper grenades last 15 seconds you have 6 so that means you can stall for 90 seconds before reloading
  • If you use the last charge on your ammo bag you get 60 seconds of bulletstorm instead of 15 seconds
  • one doc bag with Nine lives ACED refills 16 downs which is 96 seconds of Swan song(on OD it gives 8 Downs 48 seconds of swan song)
  • Use Gas grenades to save rocket launcher ammo since you don’t get rockets back from ammo drops
  • Gas grenades can stun through walls
  • One gas grenade does enough damage over time to kill every non special unit
  • Use leech when you want to suicide rush an objective
  • Use the buzzer melee on cloakers when they charge you
  • Save your messiah charges for when your team has to make a suicide run (Escape van runs)
  • Use swan song to repair objectives
  • You can shoot a gas grenade into a room with only one entrance and basically go afk
  • You can also shoot gas grenades on drills to prevent cops from kicking them
  • Only use a doc bag charge when you have no more downs its the number above your health bar
  • Bulldozers take 4 rockets to kill on DS 2 on DW+MH and 1 on OVK and bellow

Piglet Launcher

  • Viper gas grenade
  • Default barrel
  • Military Laser module
  • Any sight
  • Two piece stoc

Commando 101 Rocket Launcher

  • Team Boost

Buzzer Melee

Use this weapon to stun cloakers and tasers:

  • Stuns for 3.5 seconds

Ammo Bags & Doc Bags

Ammo bags are are for Bulletstorm.

Also if you use up the last charge of the ammo bag you get 60 seconds of bulletstorm instead of 15.

Doc Bags are so you can replenish your own downs and pistol messiah charges otherwise you will be a net negative to the team.

Leech Perk Deck

Leech gives you health back, it also has synergies with pistol messiah and feign death.

You can use leech to revive yourself!

Skill Tree

A video showing my build being used:

Written by B⁧⁧seth

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