SnowRunner – Effective Truck Towing

The best tip you will ever hear for towing other trucks…

Why Does It Feel Like I Am Towing Dead Weight

We all have been in a situation where you are driving down a road, dirt or paved, and feel as if the truck you are towing has its engine off, only to look back and see the headlights on and wheels turning?

If you listen carefully you will hear the sound effect that plays when you press forward being played over and over again from your towed truck, this is not fake and the ai driving the truck is actually doing this.

The ai is tapping and not holding the accelerator resulting in the towed trucks speed and gas being wasted on top of your time, read lower to solve this problem.

How to Go Faster Than a Snails Pace When Towing

There is one consistency with the ai driver in the towed truck, and that is when you are holding down the button to tighten the winch, it will hold the accelerator, we can take advantage of this by always holding down the winch button as we drive to travel at the speed that you should be going at if the game worked properly.

You may ask the reasonable question that this is pointless and the force of being dragged back by the other truck outweighs any benefit, continue below to find out juicy details on the hidden mechanics of the winch.

The Winch Technique™

The winch has a property that allows for this technique where it gains more power the farther from the target you are.

In these 2 images (you can test these yourself), I parked 2 Kolobs in front of each other at different distances.

I dont have a video to show it but the longer winch was able to move the black Kolob considerably faster and made much more ground than the short winch which barely moved, with this information we can get the benefit of the full power of the rear truck without the front truck being slowed down by the winch pulling.


With the knowledge we now know, the ideal strategy is putting your trucks bumper to bumper and winching them together while holding F (Note, pressing shift to do the quick upshift technique will result in you having to repress F to continue the winching)

The only downside is that you lose steering ability as you effectively become a very long vehicle with only wheels at the front steering, but overall this technique saves a ton of time on lighter terrain and if you need that much more steering angle just unwinch and drive both vehicles around the corner before reapplying.

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