PAYDAY 3 – How to Get True Connoisseur Achievement / Trophy

This guide explains how to get True Connoisseur achievement / trophy.

How to Get Achievement / Trophy

There is still no guide to get it so I’m making one.

The painting we are looking for is the one in the room between E2 and E3

  1. Check three statues on the table in manager’s office.
  2. Bag the statues at the same time.
  3. Move the painting in manager’s office which reveals button behind.
  4. Pushing the button will make painting to be able to loot, activating lasers as well; before pushing it, you can get someone under the painting to skip laser part.
  5. As soon as you secure the painting, you get the achievement.

Can’t be done as loud but as long as you bag the painting, you can go loud.


Make sure not to be confused with E2 statue.


2 statues here.






2 statues as well.

After Bagging Statues

Really recommend to get someone under the painting before pushing button.

Able to bag the painting now.

Use camera to see red guidelines.

You can follow those red lines not to activate lasers, keep going sneaky if you want.

Written by Lord

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