Pharaoh: A New Era – How to Create 2000+ People District with Little Space

My idea how to create a district with a little space needed. Few screenshot provided.

Guide to Create 2000+ People District with Little Space


Find a place near grass/water. Without water your houses won’t evolve .

I start with few temples in the middle (could be more as 2, in the mission were only 2 gods).

Add water sources and bazars.

Add scenes, people want some fun…

I place all small building in the middle, like fire station, police, architekt, dentist and apothecary.

Then rest buildings, like doctor, tax colector, courthouse and school.

Tip: dancers school and mortuary have to be far away from houses.

With proper maintaining we reach fast 2000+ people district.

They need pottery, beer, papirus, iinen and later 2 types of food etc.

Check sometimes what people need and tune district by adding extra building.

Have fun!

Tip: adding few shrines makes gods less angry and it’s cheap.

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