Phoenix Point – How to Capture Scylla

Capturing Scylla

Sniper team is one way, but i don’t think anyone here ever did that.

I don’t know how much TFTV changed, but in vanilla the meta was a couple of berzerkers crossclassed with snipers. Their “Adrenalina Rush” final ability allows them to perform any action for 1 AP, including shooting sniper rifles albeit with reduced accuracy. But scylla is so big – that it usually doesn’t matter.

Personally i find fielding 8 man team with every armed with SOME way of applying paralysis enough.

Anyone who can wield a pistol gets paralysis pistol with a mag or two to spare.

Everyone else gets neuralisers.

One: The core of every Scylla capture is a heavy with a War Cry ability. It takes away 2 AP from any victim, Scyllas included. This way he keeps her from taking any proper actions during combat.

After that point your goal is to fill up her paralysis at least halfway through. Once you do that – she’ll be unable to do anything at all.

Two: Having some form of virus application and stacking a bunch of it on her will eventually cause her to panic continuosly, skipping every 2nd or 3rd turn of hers.

Three: Never leave soldiers right next to her. 1-2 tiles buffer is prefferable to ensure she has to take a step for an attack, which means she probably won’t have enough APs to actually do it (her attacks are 2 AP, i believe?). Which will leave her only with ability to keep birthing mindfraggers who you should be taking out ASAP.

After that you just whale on her with paralysers and spare every AP and WP you have to continue applying paralysis to her until its like 380/360.

Then you take your leave and call it a day.

The sooner you do this the better, as early Scylla variants are weaker than late game ones. Her vivisection will provide you with +10% damage bonus against them in the future which will help a lot and Tobias West in particular will be very pleased with your efforts and will handsomely reward you for dedication.

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