Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun – Sanctum Manufactorum Boss Tips

How to Defeat Sanctum Manufactorum Boss

Lord of Change has 3 attacks and a teleport at I think 20% health checkpoints. It also has like 10 or so waves of enemies that get increasingly hard to kill, so you’re better off not killing ANY of these enemies since they’ll just do constant chip damage by spawning behind you.

First Attack is a standard blue fireball that functions exactly like plasma rifle. Even if you dodge, you’ll take massive damage from aoe.

Second Attack is red fire spam. This is the best time to attack since it does low damage and despite being a lot of fire, is super inaccurate.

Third Attack is some insta damage some idiot thought was a fair attack. As long as the enemy has line of sight on you, you’ll just take like 50 damage a second with zero counter ability. Break line of sight and just run away and hide because that’s what 40k is apparently.

The enemy is shockingly easy once you figure out its weaknesses. You can cheese it like the other guy said earlier with the chainsaw secret powerup.. or if you find it earlier, get the plasma rifle the machine spirit secret upgrade.

That removes the damage it does to you, and increases rate of fire and damage. This melts the Lord of Change and Great Unclean One later on. It’s one of the ONLY reliable ways of dealing with the horrible boss fights this game onto your plate.

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