Fargone – Easy End Game Loot

This is a method I have been using to get ahead of the loot game.

Farming Method

In the barrens, there are many ways to get loot, through either looting crates or dead bodies you come across, but one of the best ways I have found to farm loot, is by competing in the trials called the Arena, strategy is subject to change with future updates.

Items you will need to set this up will include:

  • Catcher 41 Shotgun
  • Much ammo as you can bring for it, roughly 500, 300 minimum
  • Simple Meds, bandages, painkillers, splint
  • Some Food and water.
  • Mask with Filters, roughly 2 to 3 spare filters.
  • Weapon Repair Kit(s)
  • Sheet Metal Wall

Through my many tries of the Arena, I have failed due to some issues with zombie spawning and bodies piling, so the results will vary but each time should roughly come out the same way.

Now when you start up the wave defense, it will lead you to a building called the (defense building), in the current version of the game you are able to build structures such as a sheet metal wall, your gonna wanna go upstairs to the defense building and place the sheet metal wall and place it in the doorway at the top, it will clip through the boards and that’s fine.

Now that’s mostly the setup done, that wall will prevent them from getting to the second floor entirely and they wont even try to break it down, leaving you completely safe to pick them off while they just stand there on the stairs, otherwise they just wonder around the bottom, but with a few things to take note of, the only way to get them to come to the stairs is by standing near any of the ledges closest to the stairs but be careful, those ledges have been very slippery in my testing.

Useful Tips

A few tips depending on your level coming into the arena, bring in a high caliber sniper rifle with iron sights to help with ammo consumption, there is a vending machine downstairs on the side of the building that has extra ammo in it for you to buy if needed.

Zombies will start to pile up on the stairs, now they don’t have collision with the bodies themselves but you do, and it can make it a bit of an issue trying to get back up to the second floor cause those bodies can get you stuck when you try to go over them, wiggle Q and E if that happens, for the reason as to why you may want to go down is because some zombies get stuck in some overturned bus, forcing you to go down and clear them out, so maybe having an alternate way up besides the stairs could help, maybe building a makeshift contraption on the side, ill post a picture of something that ill make up sooner or later cause the pileup hasn’t given me much issue.

Explosive zombies can damage you up there if you blow them up, try to go for head shots as that stops them from being able to do.

Titan zombies will spawn from wave 7 to 10, with roughly 4 to 5 total, easiest way I have come to kill them is by bringing molotovs, they seem really weak to them, molotovs can also help with zombies on the stairs if they bulk up, throw one at the bottom of the stairs when its full of them and they will mostly stop moving since they avoid fire and there only exit is blocked off, and then toss one right in the middle of them for an easy multi kill.

At the end of your fight and you go to claim your rewards, have some crates nearby to drop off the loot and if you have the spare ammo, go right back in and try again, the arena master may say to wait 2 days before trying again but the shipping containers there have beds you can just rest at for 2 days and allows you to try again after that, and now you just rinse and repeat.

Do keep extra food and filters in those extra crates, the shipping containers there do not protect you from acid rain and with the beds there being your re-spawn point, you could get stuck in a deathloop so be careful.

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