Pineapple on Pizza – Walkthrough & Achievements

Text walkthrough with screenshots and achievements explained.


1) Start the game

  • Play
  • Play.

2) Go right from the start along the beach until you see the statue

  • Statue
  • Approach the statue.

3) Continue your way along the beach, step into one of sailboats.

  • Sailboat
  • Step onto a sailboat.

4) Approach limbo players to break the stick

  • Limbo
  • Ruin the limbo.

5) Continue your way along the beach and go into crops field for another achievement

  • Plantations
  • Walk through the corn plantations.

6) After corns field, you will see man with birds, approach him.

  • Bird friend
  • Approach the man feeding the birds.

7) From man feeding the birds go further to find skilled dancer

  • Skilled dancer
  • Approach the skilled dancer.

8) Approach turtle not far away from skilled dancer

  • Turtle
  • Approach the turtle.

9) Continue your way along the beach. You gonna see the village. Approach kids inside this hut.

  • Kids playing
  • Approach the kids playing.

10) Step into the circle in the same village

  • Circle
  • Step inside the circle.

11) After village on one of the stones you will find baby:

  • Baby
  • Approach the baby.

12) From baby location go stright into the beach. You will find bench:

  • Bench
  • Approach the bench.

13-14) Find any way to the volcano and climp the cliff, then jump from it.

  • Cliff
  • Approach the cliff.
  • Jump
  • Jump from the cliff.

15) Start the game again. Limb the volcano and jump into it to cause volcano eruption and get last achievement.

  • The floor is lava
  • Activate the volcano.

16) Return to the boats while volcano is erupting. Step on any of them and wait for escape.

  • Escape
  • Get out of the island.

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