Resident Evil 4 – Merchant Discounts

Lists all discounts and special offers available per Chapter.

Discount on specific item lasts only during said chapter and will be gone on next. Weapons you miss (Red 9, CQBR Assault Rifle) can also be bough with discounts in later chapter.

All Discounts

Chapter 02 – SR M1903 – Get free Scope on purchase

Chapter 03 – Bolt Thrower – 20% Off

Chapter 04 – Recipe: Attachable Mines – 20% Off

Chapter 05 – Red9 – 30% Off (If you missed it)

Chapter 06 – Case Upgrade (8×12) – 30% Off & Recipe: Flash Grenade – 50% Off

Chapter 07 – Broken Butterfly – 30% Off & Recipe: Magnum Ammo Free on purchase

Chapter 10 – Body Armor – 30% Off

Chapter 11 – CQBR Assault Rifle – 30% Off (If you missed it)

Chapter 15 – Case Upgrade (9×13) – 30% Off

Chapter 16 – Killer7 – 40% Off


  1. You can get a Free CQBR Rifle in the Library (aka the area you go through as Ashley) as soon as you can play as Leon again. It’s in the Cubic Device locked area right across from where Ashley gets the keys.

    You can also get a free LE5 in the Freezer room where you first meet the Regendors. Behind the door opened by the Electric Puzzle.

    After you acquire them (whether by finding or buying them) both become Gold Ignots that sell for 10k each while in the same playthrough file.

  2. Remember that you can take the red9 for free in chapter 4. It’s in the middle of the lake, on the broken ship

  3. where is the CQBR assault rifle normally, i thought the only way to get it was through the merchant

    • its down in the castle library up some stairs, hidden behind a box puzzle, after Ashley’s gameplay section

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