Portal Dungeon – Trickier Achievements

In this guide I will go over all achievements which I found harder to complete often due to poorly translated descriptions. There are no hidden achievements in this game, however there will be spoilers if you have yet to complete one entire round of all 9 worlds.

Achievements Guide

Before we get started: You should be aware that whenever i suggest that you back out of your game I am referring to using “return to menu” and NOT “return to village” as that will not let you continue where you left off.

Arcane Mage

”When playing as a mage [4] Kill 1 shadow guardian with skill”

This is referring to the mini-boss often found in elite maps tagged with ”Kill the boss and… whatever the other condition might be” and NOT the big boss that rule over the 7th world.

Bully Rabbit

”Destroy Violent Rabbit General more than 3 times while playing as a zombie”

This one took me quite long to figure out. This is referring to the mini-boss found in random levels throughout your journey, it has nothing to do with the 9th world. Personally i found the enemy mainly in elite areas, you will know the enemy are there if you see rockets places on the ground that you can fire into the air. Simply wait on low ground where you find these rockets and the boss will follow.

Shoot him a bit more than 5 times in order to defeat him. Special tip here is once you defeated him, press escape and back out to the main menu. Load your game back up and enter the continue stage to the very left of the village. Jump into your previous character and choose that map again. He will not appear every time, but i’d say base don my brief testing about 50% of the time he will. Defeat him three times.


”Summon 30 little partners when playing with the clown”

You can upgrade your skills in order to make this achievement easier, it’s just a matter commitment to using your 4th skill (The Box)


”When playing with Zombies [3] Kill more than 100 enemies with skills”

I recommend upgrading your collision talent to the maximum in the talent tree. Make sure you get some beneficial skin/upgrades and simply activate the skill and walk into a enemy. This is easy to do on the first few levels as the enemies die easily.

Hellbringer and Old Knight

”When playing as a Paladin Die more than 3 times in the eighth level” and ”When playing as a Paladin Finish the eighth level BOSS more than 2 times”

You need to find a revival heart (the pink relic that let’s you revive yourself once). You can then proceed to kill yourself in the 8th level, return to main menu, walk to the left of the village, continue, enter your previous character and kill yourself again repeat the process 3 times.

Once you unlock that skin, proceed to the 8th world boss. Once you defeated him and before you move into any portal. Go back to the menu and same procedure and defeat the boss again. You now got both skins in one run.

Middle-Aged Hero

”Using Hero Dad to play the game, challenge and defeat him in a level!”

This is the little dude that get’s a new haircut once his HP drop to a certain point. You encounter him randomly, perhaps ”?” levels have a bigger chance. I’m not sure of that tho.

Dark Lord

”Using “Hero Dad” to play the game, defeat the 8th level boss “Godspawn” within 30 minutes.”

  • Stay away from elite encounters that wants you to survive for three minutes.
  • Try to get at least one easy elite encounter in your path on the first world. If it dosen’t give you the option just enter the world and return to village to generate new ones.
  • All the upgrades and talents you can get your hands on are a big help.
  • Time stand still in shops.
  • More jumps/movement speed is very helpful.


”When playing as a Soldier at Shop to buy props more than 100 times”

Just buy stuff at the store, the random chest and tickets does not count. Neither does your upgrade for equipments.

Jungle Warrior

“When playing as a Soldier at Fired over 50,000 rounds”

Either do it legit, will probably take like 5 rounds.or cheese it by remapping your attack button to anything you can put something on top of. For example you can use “Enter NumLock” on your keyboard and put a eraser on it.

Go spend some time with your loved ones and once you get back this important task has solved itself. Soldier is a good support character so do give him a proper go at some point.

Bluetooth Enhancement Type

”Using “Robot” to play the game, defeat the difficult or above difficulty level boss “General Hare Σ”.”

Defeat the 9th world on hard or above, you can bring a friend to make it easier.

Shield Enhancement Type

”Using “Robot” to play the game, use [2] Skill to kill 300 monsters.”

There is a reason only 0.5% of the community has this achievement, it’s tedious. I recommend you first unlock ”Counter Enhancement Type” Using “Robot” to play the game, use [2] Skill more than 100 times.

This will grant you a skin that makes it easier to kill with skill [2]. If you find a elite nest (which is the red little towers that spawn flying mobs and provide you with a reward) you can activate it and quickly use the [2] skill to instantly explode those projectiles in the mobs faces for a few kills.

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