Potionomics – Infinite / Endless Mode with Cheat Engine

Hi. A lot of ppl want infinite mode so here is a way that works for me.

Let’s Do This

You need to have a save file with day 41-46:

  • Get and install a Cheat Engine.
  • Launch Cheat Engine and Potionomics
  • Select Potionomics process

In game, select and start the 41-46 save file. (I have only 45 so I go with this one)

There will be some day skipping, just don’t save the game over your original savefile. After we are done there will be no Competition since we will skip to the day after the Competition.

Get back to Cheat Engine and find Value inputbox. Type in the day of your save (for me its 45, if your game day is 41, type 41 etc)

Hit “New Scan” button.

Cheat Engine will find a lot of addresses in game that contain this number (27 369 in my case). We need to reduce it so we can find the few addresses that are related to current day. To do that let’s play for a while like we normaly would do but each time we travel, or make potions, or buy stuff, or change deck etc, we should hit “Next Scan” button (without changing the value yet). We will see that the numbers of found addresses decreases a bit each time we press next scan.

After a while I decreased from 27000 to 20000 adresses, don’t worry if it is higher.

Stop pressing “Next Scan” and let’s put Sylvia to sleep now. Press End Day.

Skip any events/dialogues. Go back now to Cheat Engine and update the Value inputbox with your current day. Press “Next Scan”. What we should be left with is 13 adresses, each with current day number inside (If you have more adresses with your current day value, skip to the next day and update the value again).

Once we have 13 addresses select all of them (click first address and click+shift last one). Right click on any and select “Add selected addresses to the addresslist”.

A new list with selected addresses will pop up below:

Last step to “unlock” endless mode is to select all of them like previously (they should all become blue, do not touch “Active” toggle boxes). Next hit enter or rightclick on any and select Change Record -> Value. Let’s change the value to 60.

Well, that’s basicly it. You can close Cheat Engine now and enjoy endless mode. Save the game in a new spot and have fun.

The game might not work properly, since it was not designed to work after day 50, it may even crash. Other thing I noticed is that Baptist Investments will not work anymore (but you can still get new stuff in Salt&Pepper’s Treasure shop and from Adventures).


  1. The fact that this is doable is all the more reason why it’s ridiculous that the devs haven’t made it an official feature. They could code this in a day.

    • After playing endless mode for a while I kinda know now why they would not include it in game. Simply because haggling mechanic become poinless, since we can now grind. I recommend a major change in your deck to sell fast rather than use sick combos like infinity deck.
      Devs would need to somehow “fill” this lack of key mechanic so it is probably not a one day change.

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