Potionomics – All Character’s Gift List

Favorite gifts for all characters.

List of All Character Gifts

All credit goes to c960!

Gift Type for Each Character

Quality of the Gift does make a diffrence!


Progress from Gifts will carry over to the next Rank.

e.g. you can gift Diamond Pure Mana 3 Days in a row and then Rank Up 3 Times in a row.


Coupons work only for the character you got them from.


Give Luna a bug.

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  1. Can you double check Baptise for me please? He used to like flowers but now I am only getting a boost from essence.

  2. Does the game give you another chance when you turn down the dating from the same character. Another thing is… do you need to get all the flirt answer in order to get the dating route ?

    • No you don’t get another chance and you don’t need all flirts. I don’t know how much you need exactly but I definitely missed 1 or 2 and still got the date option.

  3. If I had to guess, I think higher quality = more points towards ranking up? Maybe the number of stars acts as a sort of multiplier, and the quality determines the base amount of points for the gift. That’s just a guess based off of experience though. Even 0 star gifts still count towards ranking up.

    • Yep pretty much I believe 2Stars gets you a 50% multiplier, but I didn’t know 0 star gifts count aswell thanks

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