Potionomics – Guide to Conversation

So, you need a guide to helping Sylvia choose the right conversation options with the denizens of Rafta? Here’s one!

Interpreting the Diagrams

In the following diagrams, there are a few shapes that represent the different things Sylvia will encounter in a conversation in no particular order.

Capture Target

The ellipse with “Example” at the top of the diagram is to show who Sylvia is talking to.

Dialogue Options

The rectangles with “Option #” show the responses that are available to Sylvia in the conversation she is in. “Option 1” is the first option in the list of available options. If an option garners a certain reaction, that reaction will be shown alongside it.

Gifts and Rewards

The parallelogram with “Reward” shows any rewards Sylvia may receive as part of her conversation.


The flat hexagon with “Card” shows the card that Sylvia may receive as part of her conversation.

Conversation Separator

The dotted line at the bottom separates the end of one conversation between the start of another. Sylvia will need to start the next conversation by increasing the capture targets’ interest in her.

Quinn, the Grumpy Witch

Quinn arrives at the end of Sylvia’s first day, offering to do business with her.

Mint, the Novice Hero

Mint arrives first thing on the morning of the second day, she gushes about her childhood heroes and offers her services.





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