Prince of Persia – How to Unlock the Alternate Skins

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How to unlock the alternate skins for the Prince & Elika. These instructions are likely already in the forums and are easy to find through a quick Google, but I was surprised there was no guide on it because that was the first place I looked (but maybe that’s just me).

Guide to Unlock the Alternate Skins


There are three different skins available for both the Prince & Elika, of which two need to be unlocked using a code. The final skin is unlocked via in-game collectibles (or by beating the DLC that we never got on PC…)

You can only change and unlock skins from the main menu. Navigate down to Extras and then to Skin Manager. From here, you’ll see the option to switch between the Prince & Elika at the top, and the option to enter a Pre-Order Code at the bottom – this is, naturally, where you’ll be inserting the codes.

Prince Skins


  • This is the default skin which will already be unlocked and active.

Sands of Time

  • Enter the code: 52585854.

This will also unlock Elika’s Farah skin.

This will let you play as the Prince from The Sands of Time but without his never-ending thirst needing to be quenched at every water source you come across.


  • Enter the code: 13372805.

This will let you dress up as Altaïr Ibn La Ahad from Assassin’s Creed. Hidden-blades sold separately.

Prototype Prince

  • Unlock by collecting all 1001 Light Seeds.

This lets you play as an early design concept for the Prince.

Elika Skins


This is the default look for Elika which is already unlocked and active

Farah – S of T

  • Enter the code: 52585854.

Will already be listed if you unlocked the Sands of Time Prince.

This makes Elika look like Farah from The Sands of Time, but on this adventure she won’t “accidentally” shoot you in the back with arrows while you fight sand demons.


  • This should unlock on completion of the game.

This makes Elika look like Jade from Beyond Good and Evil, a game which I own but have yet to play (which I know is probably criminal…).

Prototype Elika

  • This will unlock after collecting all 1001 Light Seeds.

This makes Elika go back in time to how she once looked during earlier development of the game.

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