Punch Club 2: Fast Forward – How to Level Up Agility Faster

Useful Tips on How to Level Up Agility Faster

If you have reached 20 agility and it’s your main stat, then it makes sense to install the agility focus software from the scientist. This reduces your gains in strength/stam, but they will still be easier to level as a result of how much higher agility is.

Agility NEEDS the boost, at least until it gets so high you don’t feel you need anymore. I usually push it to about 33, and by that point am the fastest human in the game and only train agility to restore tonuses. However, you’ll want the agility boost software installed for the point in the game you’ve reached.

Have you started using extreme neurotraining? Silver should have told you about it, and once he does you can talk to the mechanic in the gym who is on the floor trying to fix something. He’ll give you 3 quests that eahch make a new tier of neurotraining available.

The first one just requires visiting the junkyard, then visiting a new location they introduce under the bridge, then paying an NPC $50 to help you. You can then use the first level of extreme neurotraining. The second and third quests appear to unlock when you achieve higher stat levels, and you’ll know they’re available due tot he speech bubble over the mechanic. The second and third quest require defeating a sassy robot opponent in order to redeem a quest. He has good stats but not very good skills, so he’s not hard to beat.

If you chose the Sensei path, then you can optimize your gym gains in chapter 3 by buying the best and most expensive gear, acquiring all of the video tapes, and spending OSR points to maximize your training results. During the day, you want to use the highest level extreme neurotraining you can on agility while it’s boosted.

At night, or if your brain overload gets too bad even after you’ve paid the old man to heal a level, you can jump rope and use the wing chun station instead, both of which should be boosted with OSR. The police gym isn’t as good, but it has a few stations with worthwhile agility gains.

Bonus Tip (Spoiler):

Small Spoilers but once you unlock the scientist you can install 2 of the focus like art and stamina at the same time for maximum training speed but if you get all three it will just cancel out altogether also by talking with the mechanic in silvers gym you can unlock extreme Nero training which is so op that old school training is practically useless at that point however you can only do it to a certain point until you get brain damaged.

I hope the above information was helpful. Happy gaming!

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