Ready or Not – All Map Blueprints Guide

Maps extracted from the game and enhanced for better visibility. This guide will help you to build your briefings and to memorize aspects of certain maps.

All Map Blueprints

Current Maps

Welcome to the Ready Or Not!

As you have been playing you probably found yourself in a situation unable to prepare for the upcoming briefing and have an idea what you are walking into, well now you can with my useful guide!

At the moment there are 12 out of 15 maps in the game, some of which are currently being reworked, updated or worked on from scratch.

The 3 not listed are for the Supporters Edition.

  • 213 Park Homes
  • 4U Gas Station
  • Wenderly Hills Hotel
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Penthouse Rooms
  • Caesar’s Cars Dealership
  • Port Hoken
  • Cherryessa Farm
  • Valley Of The Dolls
  • Fast Food
  • Club

Test maps with missing textures currently in-game are as followed:

  • Penthouse Rooms
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Fast Food
  • Relapse
  • A Lethal Obsession
  • The Spider

Gas Station

Wenderly Hills Hotel

1st Floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor



Ground Level – Barricaded Suspects

Cherryessa Farm

A Level

B Level

C Level


Written by North_Dumpling


  1. It would be great if in Single Player, you could order your team to split and command team 2 to stack/breach on a flanking entry, to a room, without having to look at the target entry point.

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