Ready or Not – How to Spot and Disarm Booby Traps

Here’s a quick guide with visuals on how to spot and disarm booby traps without setting them off.

Guide to to Spot and Disarm Booby Traps

What Is a Booby Trap and Where to Expect It?

A booby trap is an explosive trap, rigged with a wire, that is placed by the bottom of the door.

As far as I know, the only gamemode where those appear is in Barricaded Supects, however you should always check a door anyway before opening it.

There’s currently two types of booby traps. One with a flashbang and one with a HE grenade.

Triggering a flashbang trap will disorient you for a while, giving the armed suspects a good chance to engage and kill you.

The HE grenade trap is even worse than that. Triggering it most often results in an instant death for everyone close enough to the door.

How to Spot a Booby Trap

There’s 3 ways to spot a booby trap.

The first method is using your Mirrorgun. Just use it on the door, look around and it should look something like this:

The second method, which is handy if you don’t carry a Mirrorgun, is to peek through the door (Don’t fully open it, just open a little crack!). Then you should be able to see a small wire through the doorcrack.

The third method is the most obvious one. If you’re standing on the other side of the door, they’re quite easy to spot. Just keep an eye on the bottom of the door.

How to Disarm a Booby Trap

Disarming it is pretty easy actually.

If you’re on the side on which the booby trap is on then you can just cut it with your tool. Press F once while looking at the trigger wire to equip your tool then hold F on the wire to disarm it.

If you’re on the otherdoor however, things could be a bit more tricky. First you peek-open the door, look at the wire at the bottom and cut it. Be careful to not bump into the door as opening it further might trigger the trap. It would be also wise to inform your squad that there’s a booby trap behind the door.

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  1. Step 1: spot trap
    Step 2: take distance
    Step 3: say its clear and let your team get inside
    Step 4: enjoy your day

  2. Make sure to spot the trap before trying to disarm the trap; that is an important step.
    Thanks for this guide I would have never known that I had to find them first.

  3. my method for spotting traps without a mirrorgun safely is
    1. peek the door
    2. check for civs or suspects through the crack
    3. when clear, look down and see if there is no wire (if there is, disarm and you’re able to go through safely)
    4. if there is still no wire, check one more time by looking down and panning from the side of the door with the knob to the side with the hinges (if there is a wire, disarm to go through safely)

    idk if it’s a glitch, but sometimes tripwires don’t look the one in the second image and instead look like they’re running across the door on the side that faces the player

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