Ready or Not – How to Use the Shield Effectively

This guide will teach you how to use the shield effectively.

Guide to Use the Shield Effectively

Take Point

So, you want to be a good shield.

Easy enough. Start by establishing dominance over the rest of your team. Take point whenever possible. You are the wall between life and death. (unless a shotgunner decides to wreck your ♥♥♥♥).

Mirror bro wants to take point? Tough ♥♥♥. You are the point.

Lasers Are Cool

So you got the shield equipped. Now you need lasers. Go ahead, pick your sidearm of choice, and slap a laser on that bad boy. Flashlight is useless, unless you plan on hitting everything but the enemy.

Head, Eyes

Take heavy armor, and ballistic face mask to minimize your overall risk of being one-tapped by a meth addict. Remember, your only useful to your team if your alive.

Front Towards Enemy

Shield is only effective when pointed towards the enemy. Remember you are the point. So you will be the first one in during any breaching scenario. (mirror bro’s have a bad habit of taking point. remind them of their place by bashing them out of the way).

Your shield will never break. Even after a about an armies worth of bullets shot at it. The visor will most certainly crack but will never break as well. But you’ll be effectively blind at some point. Push through it. Do it for the team.

This all falls apart when shotguns are in play though. They’ll chew you up and eat you for breakfast.

Cool Life hack: When the shield is on your back, it still blocks bullets.

Shooting Your Shot

Even with the laser, to accurately place shots will depend entirely on your own aiming ability. Don’t worry about it too much. Your more of a distraction than anything else. Let your team handle most threats as the enemies will largely focus shooting you instead of your team. Allowing your team to take down the suspects in relative safety.

But in the event you need to use your pistol. Do not fan hammer it unless the suspect is up close. You will absolutely miss all your shots otherwise, and then you’ll be stuck reloading, allowing the suspect to close the distance and quite possibly have you join the room-temp gang.

Stay Low, Stay Fast

Stay crouch during engagements. It covers most of your body this way. Try to minimize standing unless your leaning around doors and corners.

The shield is quite cumbersome, but you can alleviate some of this by pressing the Home key on your keyboard to “lower” your shield. In actuality it doesn’t really lower your shield, but it gives you the movement speed as if you lowered you gun, which allows you to quickly cover some ground if needed. The shield is still effective during this.


That’s it. That’s all you need to know to be a good shield.

Take point and Cover your teammates. Be their wall.

Written by (ROG)HashireV2.9


  1. I would add: teach your teammates to use you as mobile cover, with your number 2 right behind you and their rifle over the top. You block, they neutralise.

  2. im just retarded i go guns blazing with c2 and it usually works out no casualties, but 30% of the time i get my team killed

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