Re:BF – Equipments, Cards and Pets Guide

Guide & data for equipments, cards and pets in RE:BF.


  • This game is generally easy. Even if you go in blind you can easily beat 99% of it’s contents. However, you might need to spend more time to grind than using (somewhat) good build.
  • Don’t sleep on VIT stat. Just put 15-20 points to it during early game can help you from getting 2-shots and make your life infinitely better.
  • If you build your character wrong, you don’t need to start over. There is an NPC that will give/sell/trade item that reset your status/ skill points. You can even get it as a reward from doing some quest during mid game.
  • Don’t go auto attack build early game. Your life gonna be a misery since you have no way to fight enemies with pants on yet. Start with kiss build then transition later if you want to.


Status is explained in detail in Growth tab. However, there are some info missing here.

  • STR only affects your normal attack, penis and tongue skills.
  • When AGI reach 50/80/and 99, your normal attack will hit for 1/2/3 more times.
  • When VIT reach 50/99, increase your resistance, healing from item, and number of times you can use Guard.
  • DEX also affects your finger skill damage.
  • When LUK reach 50, item drop rate +100%. Also, ONLY normal attack can crit,your skill won’t crit no matter how high your LUK is.


  • Elite skills can only be learn after doing advance job quest, which is available at Lvl. 20 and cleared the Orc Dungeon.
  • After finish the advance job quest, you will get a free skill reset.
  • [Monster Info] is generally good. It show opponent’s weakness/resistance and only cost 2 points to access. Recommend for 1st time player.
  • [Pharmacy] is so bad. It’s only use is to make cheap Yellow and White Potion.

This is literally everything you can craft by using [Pharmacy]

Equipments & Cards

  • Most weapons and accessories come from rare boss drop or crafting. Few can be found in chest or can be bought from store.
  • Only STR build will gain benefit form refining weapon. DEX and INT build can convert Adamant to Mithril since refine weapon only give additional STR.
  • Some collectible items that are used to craft equipments are
Bat Wing (30) - from Bat monsters *not neccessary since Imp Band also drop from Vampy
Kimono Cloth (10) - from Seeho
Orc Crest (30) - from Orc

Other collectibles or excess have no use and can be sold for money.

All monsters have 1/20 chance to drop card. Most of them are trash though.

Some of generally good cards to look out for are:

  • 26.Strike Card : 20% more dmg to Demon.
  • 32.Menas Card : 20% more dmg to Humanoid.
  • 39.Black Knight Card : 30% more dmg to Boss. Can be bought for 9999J at Izlubelta.
  • 20.Manore Card : 20% less dmg taken from Humanoid.
  • 38.Hollow Knight Card : 20% less dmg taken from Demon.
  • 37.Liace Card : 20% less dmg taken from boss. Get a free one from TMNT quest.

4-5 last bosses and 2 entire last dungeons are mostly Demon&Humanoid so these are very helpful.

Some of situational useful one:

  • 28.Sandwoman Card : Pet Affection *1.5 Can be stack.
  • 46.Dropling Card : Luk +20, Drop rate +15% Does not stack.
  • 50.Vampy Card : Normal Attack +1 hit
  • 53.Pharaoh Card : SP usage halved.
  • 55.Crimson Fox Card : CRI +40
  • 56.Epsilon Card : Immune to all (relevant) status effect.

To maximize drop chance, use following setup:

  • Weapon : Clover Dagger : +10% drop rate. 1/10 drop from Instructor Sif
  • Pet : Dropling Egg : +10% drop rate. Evolve from Jelling.
  • Card : Dropling Card : +15% drop rate. 1/20 drop from Jelling.
  • Status : 50 LUK : +100% drop rate. Only count your actual luk. not total luk.
  • Pet Assist Skill : +100% drop rate.
  • Full Nude Bonus : Defeat enemy with full nude yield extra ??% drop rate.

Evolved pets will grant extra +5 all stats compare to the wild caught one. This will affect mostly to pets with 2 stages evolution. However, pets with 3+ stages evolution still grant full benefit even when not caught at 1st stage (E.g. Dropling that evolved since Jelling will have same stat as Dropling that evolved from Jeliling.)

If you want to evolve multiple pets, Sandwoman card(s) is a must have. Combine with pet affection skill you can reach max afffection in 2-3 battles.

Equipment Library

Clover DaggerLuk +20, Drop rate +10%45. Instructor Sif
Golden Exorcism RodUndead&Demon dmg +10%47. Nine-tailed Cat
CutlassFish Dmg +20%Shop
Battle KatarHumanoid Dmg +20%29. Desert Warrior
WrenchLow% inflict stun/darkness/petri/aphroCrafting
Undressing SwordGet skill Panty Breach lv.2Crafting
Nether WandInt +828. Sandwoman
Jailer’s WhipGet skill Endurance lv.1N/A
Kaiser KnucklesPenis attack dmg +20%Desert Ruin Chest
Chisel30% reduce enemy VIT to 052. Drake
Assassin’s DaggerHP +10% SP +5%N/A
Soldier’s KnifeHumanoid Dmg +10%, Demon dmg taken +10%Crafting
Tsukiyomi DaggerAbsorp SP, Int +1555. Crimson Fox
Ain Soph AurInt +30 Vit -1044. Evil Illusion
Sun SwordAbsorb HP, Int +1553. Pharaoh
Solin BrandNormal Atk +1, Str -5 Vit -50%42. Drifter
GungnirHIT +4550. Vampy
Sovereign’s Cresent ScytheCRI +3058. Evil Lord
Murakamo BladeBoss dmg +25%. Dmg taken +15%59. Eris
Thief BowgunSteal chance +30%. EVA +10Crafting
Executioner’s SwordHumanoid Dmg +40%. Humanoid Dmg taken +20%Orc Crafting
Ogre FangCounter Chance +20%. Vit +10 Cri +30Orc Crafting
MistilteinnChance to silence,petrify. Dex +3Orc Crafting
Guts’s FistNormal Atk +157. Tigirl
Sacred Dream SwordIf never lose Str +10, else Str +0.Greengrove Lake Chest
RingStr +5Shop
NecklaceHP +50 Vit +5Shop
RosaryLuk +2. MDmg taken -20%Shop
EarringInt +5Shop
Platiom ShieldPDmg taken -25% Str +2 Vit +10 Normal Atk -1Pirate Treasure Quest
Mirror ShieldMDmg taken -10%Shop
Dullahan’s EyesUndead&Demon dmg -4%. Prevent AphroCrafting
Stuffed CatPrevent Curse. MDmg taken -20%Crafting
Poo HatHumanoid dmg taken -10%N/A
Certain Death RingCRI +10Desert Ruin Chest
Moonlight GlovesSteal chance+50%. Dex +2 Hit +549. Zeno Orc
Imp BandUndead&Demon dmg -10%.Str +1 MDmg taken -5%50. Vampy / Crafting
Ancient BroochNormal Atk +1Crafting
DropMP +5012. Eggear
Variant RingDmg taken -15%54. Carmilla
Technical GloveFinger skills dmg +15%Crafting
Ninja SashStr +2 Vit +2 Int +2. SP recovery +3%23. Assault Ninja
Audhumla’s BondXP gain * 1.5. Dmg taken +10%N/A
Queen’s CrownMDmg taken -20% Int +1053. Pharaoh
Demon’s Ghoul HatUndead&Demon dmg -20%.Anal skill dmg +50%Ghoul Cards Quest
King’s PowerBreasts dmg +20%. Dex +10 HIT +1056. Epsilon
Pharaoh’s HelmSupport Gauge Rate +50%Orc Crafting
Pisca’s CharmDisable haughty skill. Prevent Curse. Luk +1Quest Item

Cards Library

  • Only show cards that are dropped from monsters.
  • ID is from Monster Dex ID
IDCard NameEffect
1JellingPlant Dmg taken -20%
2Milia10% Darkness Chance
3JellilingPlant Dmg +20%
4ChochoniInsect Dmg taken -20%
5DramiliaFish Dmg +20%
6ShroomFormless Dmg +20%
7Death Shroom10% Aphrodisiac Chance
8MantisInsect Dmg +20%
9FloralBinding resist +50%
10Manuk10% Stun Chance
11BungonUndead Dmg taken -20%
12Eggear10% Silence Chance
13SehooSP +7%, regen 1%SP/turn
14OrcAnimal Dmg taken -20%
15Greater OrcDisable undressing skill
16Zombie OrcPrevent Darkness
17Skeleton OrcUndead Dmg +20%
18Will’oEVA +20
19FenPrevent Silence, Dex +2
20ManoreHumanoid Dmg taken -20%
21Heat NinjaPrevent Hallucination
22Freeze Ninja10% Wet Chance
23Assault NinjaCRI +10
24BelenaFish Dmg taken -20%
26StrikeDemon Dmg +20%
27TyrmaAnimal Dmg +20%
28SandwomanPet Affection +50% Can be stack
29Desert WarriorHIT +10
30LamisisPrevent Petrified
31Cherry HunterLifesteal 5% of normal attack
32MenasHumanoid Dmg +20%
33StingerFormless Dmg taken -20%
34Deadly WraithPrevent Cursed
35ZealodarthS-skill Dmg taken -15%, EVA +5%
36Evil WitchSupport Guage +25%
37LiaceBoss Dmg taken -20%
38Hollow KnightDemon Dmg Taken -20%
39Black KnightBoss Dmg +30%
42DrifterEXP +20%, Dmg taken +15%
44Evil IllusionDisable haughty skill
46DroplingLuk +20, Item drop rate +15% Does not stack.
47Nine-tailed CatPrevent E.D.
48Golden FoxPrevent Critical Hits
49Zeno OrcRecovery item/skill +50%
50VampyNormal Attack +1
51KrakenTentacle Dmg +15%
52DrakeHIT +40
53PharaohSP usage -50%
54CarmillaHoly Dmg taken -100%
55Crimson FoxCRI +40
56EpsilonPrevent All status except Petrification
57Tigirl-50% Phys.Dmg taken, +100% Mag.Dmg. taken, -50% Healing
58Evil LordSkill has no cooldown

Pets Library

How to read this table:

  • If the value at 100% affection IS NOT the same as 0% affection, you will get both bonus when pet affection reach 100%. E.g. 100% affection Jelliling will grant you All stat +5, Aphro Resist +50%, Luk +10.
  • Otherwise, you will only get the higher value bonus when pet affection reach 100%. E.g. 100% affection Jelling will grant you Luk +15. NOT Luk +20.
IDName0% Affection100% AffectionEvolve To
1JellingLuk +5Luk +15Jelliling
2MiliaAgi +5Agi +15Dramilia
3JellilingAll stat +5, Aphro Resist +50%Luk +10Dropling
4ChochoniDex +5Dex +15Cherry Hunter
5DramiliaStr +5Str +15Vampy
6ShroomVit +5Vit +15Death Shroom
7Death ShroomAll stat +5, Aphro Chance +10%Str +10
8MantisInsect Dmg+10%Agi +10-Can’t Evolve-
9FloralPlant Dmg+10%Int +10Menas
10ManukUndead Dmg+10%Luk +10Bungon
11BungonStun chance +10%Dex +10
12EggearSP Recovery +2%Vit +10-Can’t Evolve-
13SehooXP+10%Luk +10-Can’t Evolve-
14OrcAnimal Dmg+10%Str +10Greater Orc
15Greater OrcS Attribute+10%All stat+5, Str +10Heroic Orc
16Zombie OrcHP Rec+3%Dex +10Dark Drake
17Skeleton OrcCri +5Vit+10Zeno Orc
18Will’oEVA +5EVA+10, Agi +10Deadly Wraith
19FenInt +5Int +15-Can’t Evolve-
20ManoreMagic Dmg -5%Dex +10Kraken
21Heat NinjaPlant Dmg+10%Str +10-Can’t Evolve-
22Freeze NinjaChest Dmg +15%Vit +10-Can’t Evolve-
23Assault NinjaDoggy Style Dmg+15%Agi +10Drifter
24Green BelenaFish Dmg +10%Str +10Blue Belena
25Blue BelenaHIT +10Vit +10Strike
26StrikeDemon Dmg+10%All stat +5,Int +10
27TyrmaDarkness Chance +10%Agi +10Tigirl
28SandwomanFormless Dmg+10%Vit +10Stinger
29Desert WarriorSilence Chance +10%Str +10Pharaoh
30LamisisPetri+Curse resist +50%Int +10-Can’t Evolve-
31Cherry HunterHP Absorp +5%All stat +5, Agi +10
32MenasMissionary Dmg +15%All stat +5, Dex +10
33StingerFinger Dmg+15%All Stat +5, Dex +10
34Deadly WraithWet chance +5%All stat +5, Int +10
35ZealodarthCowgirl Dmg+15%Str +10Drake
36Evil WitchSp Usage-5%Int +10Zeno Orc
37LiaceDrop Rate+10%Luk +10Shadow Liace
38Hollow KnightDmg taken-10%Str +10Heimdall Knight
39Black KnightBoss Dmg+10%Vit +10White Knight
40Heimdall KnightHoly dmg+30%, All stat +5All stat +5, Str +15
41Shadow LiaceSP absorp+1%, All stat +5All stat +5, Luk +15
42DrifterCounter +10%, All stat +5All stat +5, Agi +15
43White Knight3-points atk+30%, All stat +5All stat +5, Vit +15
44Evil IllusionDemon Res+15%Dex +15Sovereign’s Shadow
46DroplingDrop Rate+10%, All stat +11All stat +13
47Nine-tailed CatM.Dmg -10%All stat +2Golden Fox
48Golden FoxNormal Atk +1, All stat +5All stat +7,Crimson Fox
49Zeno OrcAll stat +5All stat +7, MSP+100
50VampyStr +10, All stat +5All stat +7Carmilla
51KrakenBind Resist +30%, All stat +5All stat +7, Dex +2
52DrakeNull Undress skill, All stat +5All stat +9
52Dark DrakeSteal +20%, All stat +5All stat +9
53PharaohSupport Gauge +20%, All stat +5All stat +9
54CarmillaHP absorp +10%, All stat +10All stat +14
55Crimson FoxMove Speed+,All stat +10All stat +14
56Heroic OrcPrevent Stun, All stat +5All stat +9
57TigirlS Skill Resist +25%, All stat +5All stat +9
58Sovereign’s ShadowHp+10%, MP+10%, All stat +5All stat +11

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