Jagged Alliance 3 – Triggers for Biff’s Rescue and Refugee Camp Massacre

Triggers for Biff and Refugee Camp. There has been a lot of back and forth what the triggers are. I checked the quest editor and scripts, and this is what I found.

Biff’s Rescue Trigger

When the first mine is captured “CorazonCaptureMine” is triggered, and Corazon and the Major talk on the radio.

This is when a timer in the quest “RescueBiff” is set to 920h.

The specific event for Biffs rescue message seems to be then triggered by some OR conditions that look like this:

  • Timer has passed
  • Or
  • Player has 4 or more mines
  • Or
  • Player has a squad in sector B8
  • Or
  • Player has a squad in sector A9.

Here’s a shot from the quest editor:

Refugee Camp Wipe-Out Trigger

The quest for the refugee camp has text comments in it from the dev “Vlad” and creative director “Boyan”. They read as follows:

Completed when the player received a radio call with an invitattion from Corazon to come to the Refugee Camp.

After the situation there is resolved OR the player didn’t come, the world flip happens and the player receives the 3 final quests – to defeat Corazon, Faucheux and the Major. At this point saving the President is now a side goal to defeating the Major.

BoyanNote – I made the quest note hidden so it doesn’t show up as a checkmarck completed objective.

Will actually resolve as the player progresses in the game. The betrayal happens at the end of this quest.

  • Currently it check total territory controlled by the player.
  • If the player has control of enough mines or cities.
  • If the player is getting close to the Major.
  • If time has passed since the start of the campaign.
  • If you have completed Biff quest.
  • All conditions are OR
  • Some of these conditions have a timed delay.

This is resembled in the triggers that work like this:

  • Player has 12 or more cities. (I do not know what exactly counts as a “city”.)
  • Or
  • Player has 4 or more mines.
  • Or
  • Player has 70+ sectors.

Hitting any of these triggers above sets a timer to 24-48h, after which the betrayel starts.

A further trigger without timer is:

Any of these sectors are controlled by the player:

  • D14, D15, D16, C14, C15, C16

And finally a trigger is:

  • BiffRescue completed.

The general timer since game-start, the devs mention in their comment, seems to have been deactivated at some point during development, as it’s value is just set to 0.

Here’s a shot from the quest editor:


  1. Good guide

    If I intercept the enemies which want to attack Biff and don’t enter Sektor A8, how much time have I before Biff vanishs, the Refuge Camp quest starts or anything else on the main road of the story happens?

    • As far as I understand it, when you intercept the squad attacking Biff in A8 you have no time limit but the general triggers for the 2nd apply (cities, sectors, getting close to the mayor).

  2. I just got the mayday call by Biff.

    I don’t fulfill any of the listed conditions:

    – only have 2 mines (Diamond Red and Fleatown)
    – control less than 70 sectors
    – was never near Ile Morel (the D/C 14-16 sectors)
    – only have Ernie and Fleatown
    – 920 days would be almost 3 years… nope
    – was never in A9 / B8

    It did trigger right after clearing the Refugee Camp for a second time, as the Legion took that back while i was liberating Fleatown and surroundings.

  3. What does TCE_CheckCloseToMajor mean… currently it reads as if one could just beeline the Eagles nest, go up the stairs to avoid C/D14-16 and fight the Major without any betrayal happening.

  4. Well I think the game timer still works because I’ve started the game 4 times. In each one I take about a year to train up my main character before leaving Earnie Island and no matter where I land, I only get past a few tiles before Biff calls for help. Kind of sucks because without training my team up on marksmanship, no one can hit shit and the game is kind of ruined.

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