Red Dead Online – Beating Blackwater Call to Arms (Solo Easy)

Tells you how to solo Blackwater Call to Arms fairly easy alone. You get some EXP, 1 Gold bar and some dollars in the process. Esp good for double events to farm this.


You need absolutely as much ammo as you can have.

That means unlock all possible ammo bags.

Unlock split point ammo for rifles especially since their capacity is limited.

Go in with regular ammo, only use special ammo once pressed by NPCs.


  • Pump Shotgun.
  • Carcano Sniper Rifle.
  • Dual Wild Navy Revolvers.

You can of course experiment but I don’t suggest you change the meta (of course this is no aim assist for KB+M).


You need tonics too:

  • I spent about 40 level 1 healing tonics.
  • And a few level 2 healing tonics during the final waves.

Other tonics can be useful too. If you want cheap dead eye use chewing tobacco. If you want stamina use stamina gum.

Waves 1-3

Start waves 1-3 with:

You can hangout anywhere, heal NPCs teammates. Only use regular ammo. Save express and all other when you run out of regular ammo and you can’t exit our hiding place (mentioned down later for waves 4-10).

Refill ammo and before you run off to hiding spot for wave 4 open as many chests as you can so more ammo is lying on the ground beside the chest for later.

Waves 4-10

Now things will start to get more and more real.

As soon as Wave 3 is done swap out Paint it Black (really good for earlier waves so you don’t need to aim much) for Focus Fire. Enemies will become spongy and you will need that especially for TIn Can armored guys.

Swap in this:

And make a run for capitol building before the next wave starts. You can refill ammo on the way. Forget about healing NPC teammates, they will all die anyway and you can’t risk it anymore. Make sure to get to capitol before the next wave, if you are not very good.

That is the capitol and you should hide behind it, there is a nice little spot if you go around right side, enemies do not usually come close to there and they do not flank it either. Safe from gatling fire too.

Always be under effects of health tonics. Never have white health circle. Always yellow boosted circle. For waves 4-7 or 8 use level 1 tonic. For later waves use tonic of level 2 at least. You can die very fast even if you have all the dmg reduction perks and 7.5 dmg reduction from weight

Always keep an eye on the radar, watch for anyone approaching. Machete guys can one shot you. They start coming out at around wave 6. So take them out before, save shotgun shells for when they get up close or use sniper rifle. They like other enemies do not usually come from behind the capitol. This is the safest spot on the map.

If you see a Tin Man, turn dead eye Focus Fire on and shoot them with a sniper, you can also switch to Express (armor piercing) rounds. Even better is to Dead Eye hip fire shotgun into them up close (they die so fast this way). But do not tempt fate. Only use shotgun if they are near. Do not go out in the open.

Gatling Guns also come out at around wave 6 so beware. You can hide behind the capitol, they won’t come there but they can pin you down. If you back away a little they won’t fire at you. Use scope to shoot them in the head and they won’t bother you.

Try to conserve your ammo, you will need every bullet. Use regular until you run out then switch. Once at the end of each wave and there are only a few enemies left, go out scavenging for ammo from chest around the map. I usually start doing it at 10 enemies so by the time I’ve done the map I can kill off all the annoying snipers and some enemies that were left stagnant like Gatling Guns. Some random spawns will also come at you.

It is important to note, that even if there is only 1 sniper left on the map and you need to kill 1 more for the wave to be over you cannot go AFK. Eventually game will spawn more men to get you out of a hidey hole.

Once wave is over and you’ve killed the final enemy BOLT back to the capitol or you will be ambushed and killed. Return to the hidey hole. Use stamina gum if necessary to make it in time. You can also use a random horse. Plus, you will get that horse out of the way because some of them make you lock on, or won’t make it possible to fire. Once you arrive back with the horse make sure you park it somewhere out of the way so they are not being annoying (for shooting).

If you have no time left, do not loot chests, loot chests only when you are sure you can make it or at end of waves.

There, you should know everything now, it really is possible and not hard at all.

The Rewards: They will double during Call to Arms double payout events.

Note: After 50 kills you only get 5 exp per kill.

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