Redfall – Fixing the Awful Aiming Sensitivity

A way for Logitech mouse owners to work around the awful 50% sensitivity when aiming down sight.

The Fix

If you don’t have a Logitech mouse, then I either hope your mouse software has an equivalent or you’re stuck with the disgusting 50% aim down sight sensitivity the devs forced on us.

For those of us with a compatible Logitech mouse, download the GHub software, set up a profile for the game and give it 2 sensitivities, one you want to use and one twice as high:

Then, go to the keybinds of the mouse and create a macro exactly like this:

If you’re wondering how to get the right button down and up in there on their own, just use record and do a right click which will add a right button down > delay > right button up sequence and you can just delete the extras by selecting and hitting delete.

Then you apply this macro to your mouse right-click and the sensitivity doubles whenever you right-click.

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  1. This was such a great idea, hats off to you Mr and it works but the game is embarrassing for not having this option in the first place….

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