Warframe – Duviri Steel Path Guide (Solo)

Solo Duviri Paradox guide on how to do it.


This guide will be for running solo Duviri Paradox on the Steel Path. A quick note before you begin to read this guide is that you don’t have to do exactly what I do, everyone has their approach on how to play the game and I’m simply passing my knowledge to someone who is struggling to play the Duviri Paradox by themselves and the best optimal way to start playing it before they scale enough to 1 shot everything (literally).

Picking the Warframe and the Weapons

Okay, hear me out… I know Duviri is rogue-lite and everything is random, however in my opinion you should pick a frame that is like a support frame like Wisp or Citrine when it comes to the Circut, or take a Tank frame like Nezha, Rhino, or Revenant, ofc if you don’t get either of these pick whoever you like to play most.

When it comes to weapons themselves I would suggest something that you already have a build for or can do AoE (area of effect) damage. So kuva bramma, kuva zarr, or any secondary weapon that does beam attack damage such as Tenet Cycron, Kuva Nukor, Atomos, and so on. For melee any Whip weapon with range or, Redeemer, Glaive, or the new Corufell.

So my run for this guide is the following:

  • Warframe – Revenant Prime (Tank becouse of his 2nd ability witch is Mesmer Skin).
  • Primary Weapon – Mutalist Quanta (I will be not using this weapon).
  • Secondary Weapon – Angstrum (Capable of AoE Damage).
  • Melee Weapon – Corufell (Gun scythe capable of range AoE Damage).

Duviri Getting Decrees

So far trying to play the game solo on the Steel Path can be pretty difficult at the very start so I will be focusing on my pistol instead of playing with my melee weapon. So what I’m planning to do is try to avoid fights cause it can be difficult at the very start. Start slowly by doing puzzles and getting side objectives such as healing animals or even playing the Shawzin (YES EVEN SHAWZIN), or even playing Komi. All of these are giving out decrees by completing them.

Healing Corrupted Animal.

Playing Shawzin.

Random Puzzle.

Hacking the Chest.

If you decide to encounter some enemies rember to perfectly reload ur Sirocco so you get more crit damage, also be sure to use ur Drifter abilites such as heal and smokebomb.

Choosing the Decrees

Since im the one making this guide (duh) i go for the pistol build insted of the melee build so at the start when you are picking decrees im getting the ones involving around the pistol, also worth knowing if you have intrisics perk the more decrees you have the more damage you will do.

Im picking Duelist’s Advantage (with perfectly timed reload this does even more damage).

Here im picking Between the Eyes perk so headshots do matter (more on that later).

Here you are picking Bombastine’s Malice (spreading toxin damage around the enemy you headshot).

Nourishing Terror for status effect health restore.

Here taking Tumbling Frost (here you dodge into the enemy not AWAY from them to do frost damage.

Persistent Attrition = the more shots you shoot the more dmg you do plus waiting on the toxin proc.

Here taking Seprent’s Path = sliding into the enemy to proc toxin damage and maxing this out the longer you play the more damage you will do (at one point slide into the shadow realm).

Taking Twofold Torment = Double status effect damage is nice with toxin procs.

Fearsome Bonanza = 80% status effects and knowing main status is toxin and cold in the build.

Maxing out these decrees is very nice and like I said in the start of the guide optional I just find these very comfortable and even at tier 1 makes steel path at the very start very easy to play.

Maxed Out Decrees

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    • It works with every non prime and prime warframe as long as u have the necessary equipment like bramma and silence on that warframe

  1. *Meant Focus*. Also, jreaser, reason this is better is because you save yourself a lot of time, the only prep really required is have Banshee Subsume. The augment is not strictly needed, just leaves less room for error. The Prime sure footed is also not needed, just helps for speed reasons. Any weapon will work, but using explosive weapons works best because of the radius of the weapon kills all enemies before they have a chance to detect you. Time wise, you spend 10 minutes maxing out a frame or weapon, plus getting a good chunk of Focus, versus doing SO, you get a lot less Focus, and as you say, two hours of grinding.

    • i think it stacks, but u will be getting focus from the weapon or frame u are using the most to do damage. Also i just checked im using a lua lens, but for testing i tried a normal lens and i did manage to get around 35k focus so as long as u are fast and efficient its simple and easy

  2. Nice, ok. Do you know if having more items equipped with lens will give more standing? or is it better to have as little gear equipped as possible?

  3. too much stuff, just join random sanctuary onslaught squads, i maxed out 2 kitguns i made today(including gild) in just 2 hours

    • yes but there u depend on the team rathen then doing it alone, also when u say 2 hours did u mean to level them up once ? Cause what if u have a weapon/frame that req more formas for example ? I prefer this method simply cause it takes 10 minutes to level what i need insted of 2 hours.

    • yes it took to level them at once without needing to set up all of this, getting all those items will probably take you longer than just playing onslaught squad since you either need to get plat to trade for all mods or good rng for drops

  4. Out of curiosity, what tier lens did you use? (I need some assistance on Focus farming, and if you are able to pull in over 40K+ per mission, that would be awesome).

    • I think its a lua lenz i will check for u a little bit later. The reson to get this much focus is cause by the stealth affinity kills because of the silence subsume. I really like this method of farming and if u have the chance to play during the affinity event paired with a normal affinity booster u reach cap in literally 1 run

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