Resident Evil 4 – In Tune With The Harpoon Challenge Guide

Hopefully this guide will help you complete the ‘In Tune With The Harpoon’ challege! (Defeat Del Lago without missing a single harpoon).


This guide will be about the in-game challenge ‘In Tune With The Harpoon’ (Defeat Del Lago without missing a single harpoon).

After spending an hour and a half grinding for this frustrating challenge without a guide online, I decided to make it myself to help anyone who’s stuck with this achievement like I did!

Setting Up

Your game should be in Assisted difficulty so Del Lago will be much easier to defeat. To complete this challenge, you’re gonna need to have a decent aim and some patience. The Challenger menu does not keep track of missed harpoons, so you need to count them in your head and restart if you missed!

Note that it takes 23 shots in Assisted for me to kill Del Lago!

Del Lago Fight

First Part

When you first start, Del Lago is going to swim around before dipping and jumping back at you. Before that, you can get around 7-9 hits on him. If you get less than 9 hits, you can hit it once more time after you dodged its jump attack.

After that comes the ‘quiet’ part where you will stand still and wait for Del Lago to swim at you. This part you can get 2 hits in once it opens its mouth. Do not hit it when it’s still swimming across the lake as it’s very far away and you can easily miss your shot!

Try your best to at least get 11-12 shots at this part since it’s the easiest part of the fight!

Second Part

After the ‘quiet’ part, it will start dipping irregularly. You can secure one hit every time it pops back up to the surface, but be careful with the waves as it can mess up your shot. It will also performs the jump attack after swimming for a period of time.

At 15 shots are when it will go to the second ‘quiet’ part. You can get another 2 hits in once it opens its mouth.

After that it will do an immediate jump attack, so dodge its move.

Third Part

Del Lago will be dipping more irregularly and swimming more aggressively, so it’s best to be patient and shoot when you are sure enough you can get the hit in. If not, do not aim the harpoon and just dodge the obstacles and wait until it pops back to the surface.

Once you hit it 23 times, the challenge should be completed!

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  1. This can be made much easier if you use antler headgear, it took me around 14 shots to take it down with it on

    • yeah i went back to test on assisted, it actually took me 9 shots without any special cosmetics on. i think you need to hit it enough time before the quiet part

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