Samurai Bringer – Guide to Action Building the Spear

Can’t find a place to shove those spears? Don’t fret, for this guide is all about the spear, and all of the moves that can be mastered in the Action Builder.

Action Building the Spear


A list of all possible moves (so far) for the long stick. Most of these moves only require a handful of basic skills, so they should be easy to make for you pikemen. Also, these aren’t official move names, so rename them to “stickbug” or whatever.

Most of these moves can also be complemented with extra skills to slightly alter them. Skills that generally work on just about everything (Expand, Samidare, Power, Wave, Step, Jump, any elemental skills, etc.), won’t be mentioned, unless it changes that move significantly.

Some of these moves work both on one/dual wielding, and some only work in one of them, and I’ll label them as such (pay attention!).

Our long, long man Saitou Yoshitatsu will be our performer, because he’s bald and has drip.

Down Slash (Spear/Dual Spears)

  • A heavy vertical strike
  • Step can be added for distance closing
  • Dual Spears: Adding a 2nd Down Slash turns the move into a heavier slash, and Lightning could be added in as well for lightning bolts!

Up Slash (Spear/Dual Spears)

  • Upward slash.
  • Step can be added for distance closing
  • See Triple Uppercut

Slice (Spear/Dual Spears)

  • Horizontal attack
  • Slice lvl 2 will make a heavier attack.
  • Spear: Adding Storm with the heavy slice will create a giant tornado after swinging.

Thrust Spear/Dual Spears)

  • The player thrusts forward, with extra range, cuz it’s a spear.
  • Step and compatible.
  • Spear: Jump compatible.

Slash Slices (Spear/Dual Spears)

  • A angled swing, combining the following: Down Slash and Slice, Down Slash and Reverse Slice, Up Slash and Slice, or Up Slash and Reverse Slice.
  • Dual Spears: Combining these skills will allow both skills to attack simultaneously. For example, using Up Slash and Slice results in one sword swinging upward, and the other going horizontal.
  • Wave compatible.

Multi Thrust (Spear/Dual Spears)

  • Performs 5 quick thrusts in rapid succession.
  • Dual Spears: Must add 1 Step to work.

Triple Uppercut/Uppercut (Spear/Dual Spears)

  • The player swings three times upwards in the air, and it goes pretty far.
  • There’s also a smaller version if you take Up Slash down to lvl 1; this is the only one that
  • Dual Spears only has access to the smaller version.
  • 2 Options:
    • Use Ice lvl 2 to create ice pillars.
    • Use Wave lvl 1 for three vertical projectiles.

Fade Thrust (Spear)

  • The player backsteps, then moves forward and thrusts.
  • Leveling Step only increases the forward lunge, not the backstep.
  • Wave Compatible.

Air Thrust (Spear)

  • Leap forward and get 3 quick thrusts in before landing.
  • You can also add Wave.

Ground Strike (Spear)

  • Jump incredibly high, then literally stick the landing.
  • 2 Options:
    • Add 1 Wave to create a shockwave upon impact.
    • Add 2 levels of Lighting to summon several lightning strikes upon impact.

Lightning Combo (Spear)

  • Call upon the power of god and anime and perform 9 quick thrusts, and conclude with an overhead slash, summoning lighting bolts. Cool, huh?

The Cooler Multi Thrust (Spear)

  • Performs 3 quick thrusts, while also throwing 3 spears.
  • Guidance will make the spears track.

Spear Drill (Spear)

  • Charge into the fray while twirling really fast.
  • Increase Step to go even further.
  • Wave compatible.

Spin2Win (Spear)

  • Stand in place and spin your spear around.
  • Slow at first, but the armor skill, Spear Master solves that issue.
  • 2 Options:
    • Add 2 Storm to summon a giant tornado after the spin.
    • Add 1 Wave to create 3 AOE shockwaves while spinning.

Throw Spear (Spear)

  • Throws the spear, becoming a slow projectile.
  • Guidance will make the spears track.

Air Spin (Dual Spears)

  • Rapidly spinning and flying in the air.
  • Leveling Jump increases the height.
  • Wave Compatible.


  • Running it down with both spears wide open. Use Expand for best results.

Fade Slice (Dual Spears)

  • The player backsteps, then moves forward and slices.
  • You could use Slice instead of Reverse Slice.
  • Leveling Step only increases the forward lunge, not the backstep.
  • Wave Compatible.

Forward Spin (Dual Spears)

  • Charge forward while spinning. Level up Step for more distance.
  • Put in 2 levels of Storm, and you can summon 2 giant tornadoes by your side!

X-Slash (Dual Spears)

  • The player jumps and attacks in an X form.
  • Adding Wave makes a cool X projectile.

Sub Weapon

  • Call the spears on your back and throw them at the enemy!
  • The more Manipulation, the more spears to throw
  • Guidance compatible.


Hopefully, now you sort of have an idea on how to make a Shish Kabob with your spears. But more importantly, you can understand just how in-depth the combat is, and I still don’t have a clue how far it goes.

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