RoboCop: Rogue City – Fix Game Crashing and FPS Problems

How to Fix

So I bought the Alex Murphy edition of the game, and it kept crashing, I couldn’t find any guides online regarding for fixing this problem with this specific game, so I’m going to list the things I did and hopefully this will save you the trouble of figuring out what to do to fix this, and hopefully this will work for you.

Make sure you wait until the start up menu stops lagging before you click play!

First things first, follow this guide:

  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control, then click the GraphicsDrivers folder and select New>Dword(32 bits), then name it “TdrDelay” and set it to 10, making sure to select Decimal.
  • Finally, reboot your pc and try to run the game, it should be fixed.
  • (This also should fix the D3D not found problem).

Yeah I know, I thought “Well this game runs in UE5 and not UE4, no way in hell Epic Games forgot to patch this UE4 problem when they released UE5”, but I guess they forgot to, because this fixed my game from crashing!

Now if the first step didn’t work (make sure you restart your PC after doing the edit to your registry), then what you’re going to do is right click on the game in your Library and select Browse Local Files, find the .exe file and right click on it, now go into the compatibility menu and tick on run this program as an administrator and change the OS to Windows 8, make sure you click apply.

I also did uninstall the game and install it into my other SSD, so that might help fix the problem too!

I did go into the save files and delete the config file for the game, not sure if that did anything, but ♥ it you might as well do that too to be safe.

Now hopefully your game also runs at 60FPS, I mean my 4 year old Desktop with a 1660S GPU and 2600X AMD CPU can run the game at 60FPS, thwn I’m pretty sure that your PC can run it at 60FPS too!

I did all of these things in succession, so II’m not sure which one of these things I did solved the problem, so you can do each thing one at a time, or all at the same time like I did.

The Dreaded Crash

Decided to include an image of my the error code I got when my game crashed, to help people if they got a similar or the exact same error code when the game crashed!

Written by Jackman9061


  1. i must have gotten very lucky, as according to all the posts of bugs and errors i have the Alex Murphy edition as well yet i got to the very last mission with only experiencing two very minor bugs –

    1. got a very awkward yet funny dialogue bug while talking to Ben – no one was talking and the camera just switched back and forth between them.

    2. The Bodyguard outside the room where you meet the Old Man was sunk into the floor but i just took a step back and tried to talk to him again and he popped out of the floor and moved to one side like he should have.

    • Yeah I encountered a bunch of funny bugs myself, Mercs getting stuck in the ground after punching them, felt like I was playing whack-a-mole, because their heads were sticking out of the floor. the game runs way better on consoles from what I’ve seen online, but I’m a PC guy now, haven’t used a console for 5 years now, rather spend the money on eventually upgrading my PC than spending it on a console that will take up space I can’t spare right now. And I never overclock any of my hardware Plastered Seagull, getting a boost in performance isn’t worth potentially damaging my hardware, and I built my PC to be quiet, so overclocking my GPU would just make it noisy all the time.

  2. That error probably has something to do with overclocking your GPU. It happened to me on other Unreal Engine games.

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