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Here you can find some useful tips to build your own strategy in the Rogue Tower game. Spam towers or focus on upgrading a few well placed ones? This guide can help you to choose.

Tips to Strategy

The problem with tower spam is the tower cost increases with each unit, so you are better off upgrading your towers rather than putting a new lvl 0 tower in the long run. There are also upgrades that benefit high level tower chief among them are the “crit x2” upgrade cards. Those just make the level 0 towers weaker but buff the high level towers with practically guaranteed crits up to 4x the damage (you get 3 50% chances to crit 2-4x with every hit).

However that’s not to say you don’t need spam towers though, you still need them cuz there’s way too many enemies on the map at later stages. If you are doing the single path run, you can totally get away with 1 choke point with a bunch of uber towers, but on 2 lanes I’ve found that you do need tower spam to thin the enemy herd a bit.

My fav tower spammers are Ballista (put on +1 tiles), Mortar (put on +2 tiles) and Shredder (put on +3 tiles). I also sporadically put poison and fire towers but not a lot cuz the mana consumption gets crazy and mana banks are expensive.

Balliistas are the cheapest spammers and give you the most bang for buck, Ballistas don’t deal a lot of damage but they get a ton of status effects, like burning, poison and slow. Mortars tend to miss every other shot but they can get +10 range upgrade which covers like 20% of the map or something, its pretty crazy. The Shredder is one of the best towers cuz it bleeds entire lanes unfortunately it has limited range and can be quite expensive so I reserve those for +3 tiles with good locations (usually 2 or more lanes in range).

Mortars only miss in two circumstances: Either the target’s speed got changed (It entered a hasted state, or your other towers slowed it down), or the target the mortar was aiming at died before the shell landed. Either way, taking the AoE increase cards makes the misses usually not matter, because you’ll hit something.

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