Sailing Era – Blueprint List

Here you can find list with a few pairs of: location – blueprint.

List of Blueprints

All credit goes to cleavertrash!

  • Athens
    • Large carrak blueprint
  • Alexandria
    • Galleas blueprint
  • Zhangzhou
    • Shachuan blueprint
  • Seville
    • Large Caravel blueprint
  • Sakai
    • ????? blueprint
  • London
    • Galleon blueprint
  • Cape Verde
    • Arab wind sail ship blueprint
  • St George
    • Carving skill dolphin blueprint
  • Buenos-Aires
    • Long barreled cannons blueprint
  • Havana
    • Schooner blueprint 1 Premium velvet
  • San Juan
    • Cutter blueprint (must be able to sail from Caribbean to Africa and back in 35 days (you only get 1 chance at this!))
  • Plymouth
    • Ship of the line blueprint (gives a quest to hunt a pirate for 500, after that you get the blue print for the ship of the line).
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  1. you can also get
    Atakebune from talking to the Japanese fleet. also a few figure heads and ship modification books such as ram,staysails and head sail. from talking to pirate fleets such as pirate leader in red sea and east also area. around anping,Tamsin and Zangzhou. fleets do not always give same options every time. so chat with them multiple times. it must be different (you dock or they leave screen) for the items to change.

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