Sakura Alien – 100% Complete Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Here is full walkthrough of the Sakura Alien game with all obtainable achievements.

Guide to Complete Walkthrough


  • Start a new game

Hello Hiyori

  • Good morning, friend


Starry Night

  • Let Hiyori watch the stars

Crash Landing

  • Was that a meteor?


Welcoming Party

  • Enjoy Hiyori’s hotpot together

I can enjoy Hiyori’s delicious cooking.

Too Close

  • Too close for a new met… alien

I guess so, but…

A Relaxing Bath

  • Let Ena have a nice bath

It’s not that I don’t want to, but…

A Brand new Look

  • Let Ena be Hiyori’s Mannquin

Won’t other guys stare at her if she walks around like that?


  • Hiyori, the batting center champion

Maybe something more?

Written in the Stars

  • Let Hiyori share a secret

A gentle Kiss

  • Let Hiyori show her affection

I think I might like her, too.

An unexpected Awakening

  • Wakey, wakey, kisses and bakey

Isn’t this a bit too exciting?!

I think I want to date both of them.

Save 1

Like my heart’s racing.

A Woman of Culture

  • Not quite a Fairy Tale

Save 2

I want to date both of them.

Three is a Crowd

  • Achieve the Harem Ending

Load Save 2

I only want to date one of them.

Blossoming Feelings

  • Achieve Hiyori’s Ending

Load Save 1

Like my mind’s all jumbled up.

I only want to date one of them.

My beloved Darling

  • Achieve Ena’s Ending
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