Internet Cafe Simulator 2 – How to Use CMD (Crack the Game)

Here I want to teach you guys how to use the CMD in Internet Cafe Simulator 2!

Connect to the Crack-Server!

Start your “WWW” Browser and navigate to “CRACK” to get the IP we need to use in CMD to connect to the Servers. Remember, the IP can change every few hours, always make sure you have the right IP.

Remeber the IP or let the window open navigate to CMD and start it. we will use the IP and a command to connect to the crack-server.

Give the command ” join server IP ” replace the IP with the green numbers


Find the Right Port – Step A

Ok now you made it so far… we have here some games list with different difficult to start off.

Let’s pick the easy one called ” Zifa Early Access”.

All alphabets have to be in upper case.

Now type the command “send package GameID PACKAGECOUNT”

  • GameID: in this example is 0QSTZD6XS8
  • PACKAGECOUNT: the amount of the package we want to send to figure out the port! I recommend using max. 10 package per command, otherwise the system will detect you and you have to wait for few hours ingame before you can start again.

So the command should look like this:

“send package 0QSTZD6XS8 10”

Find the Right Port – Step B

Ok now you know how to scan for the port sending packages…

We repeat this step over and over again until we find the right port!

Tip: You can press arrow up while on CMD to repeat the last command.

Like i said before, you can send bigger packages to find it quicker but the risk getting caught is higher on this way.

We Found the Port!

After some command spamming we finally got the right port to make some progress in hacking Games.

It should now looks like this for you:

Ignore the “join server” command, i accidentally closed the crack-server window and had to reconnect.

We only want the yellow colored text where it says “Correct port found: 110”

With that information we can step up to the next command.

Crack the Game!

Keep the CMD up and type now “crack GameID PORT”

So for our example the command for CMD should look like this:

Crack 0QSTZD6XS8 110

This can take a moment… i speed up this example by 250%

Check the Orders and Buy a Disc!

You can check your cracked games on the top screen under “MY CRACKS” also check the Orders for customer that will buy cracked games from you!

For that we will need a empty disc! you can buy empty discs for 10$ from this SHOP.

Make a Deal and Sell Your Cracked Game – But Don’t Get Caught!

We are now finally on the last Step here…

Now get in front of your PC and open the CD/DVD ROM and place an empty DISC inside.

Get the best offer and burn the game on your disc!

Choose one of the offers you like and switch to “MY CRACKS” and hit “Write Disc” wait until its done.

Locate the Customer.

Open the Map (default M) to see where the customer is.

Grab your disc and run to the customer.

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