Scarlet Maiden – Gameplay Tips

It’s a basic guide with tips to help people progress.

Tips to Gameplay

All credit goes to RobDeLaMorte!

Basic Tips

  • Break every box/barrel/jar/minecart you can for bonus Sin and a chance at free spells.
  • Full clear every area if possible before moving on; you may find better gear, buffs or just more Sin.
  • Each different zone has 1 NPC locked in a cage at some point. Break them out to unlock starting with (In order) weapons, spells and trinkets.
  • Pick up and keep Fire Shield for the first boss; even without a good weapon it’ll do work.
  • Be aware that the difficulty of regular enemies goes up significantly about midway through Zone 2. In particular be VERY careful around pink/green slimegirls.
  • Almost every regular enemy (Except 3 boobed women) can be stunlocked if you keep meleeing.
  • Hoard Damage Reduction gear if you’re lucky enough to find it. Even if your damage is low, it makes a big difference later.
  • Be super careful around SKULL miniboss enemies, they hit like trucks! Avoid or focus them down!
  • Remember your dash has invincibility frames, use it to get through traps or enemy attacks.
  • There’s a very low chance to down an enemy instead of kill them. Get the minigame timing and gain bonus Sin.
  • If you’re confident after a few runs, prioritise taking +Sin% gear.
  • The Slots are almost always worth redoing, even if it takes a few hundred Sin.
  • Don’t be afraid to spend that 1000 Sin for a healing potion refill, especially if you’ve increased how strong the healing is.
  • Always grab chests even if you don’t need the items; you gain Sin for it.
  • If you find rooms with a single unique NPC who shows “X+10%” or whatever when you walk to them, they’re buff NPCs. You can only have one at a time.
  • If you can find +Stun% weapons with a high percentage grab that ♥♥♥♥! Stun completely stops enemies from moving and affects everything except the women with the clubs and bosses!

First Boss Tips

  • She always opens up with her downward smash attack which she does 3 times. Be patient, then double jump over it. Rocks slowly fall afterwards but aren’t much of a threat.
  • She can only take damage to her boobs, and you have to hop to reach them with spears.
  • If you want to DPS her really fast, take a good Fire Shield spell and cast it as you smack her boobs after the downward smashes finish.
  • The safest place to DPS her is in between her boobs; her diagonal orb attack will hit you during chargeup if you touch her hands.
  • If she raises her hands up, move half to the left side of the screen and you’ll be able to walk under the first bullets and jump/dash through the second easily.
  • If she lowers her hands, she’s going to release diagonal bouncing orbs. If you hug the left wall they’re not a threat at all.
  • She always follows up the diagonal orb attack with her downward smashes. Stay patient and it’s easy.
  • Beating her gives 2000 Sin. It’s not much but it’s something.

Second Boss Tips

  • She’s probably the hardest of the 3 bosses in the game currently. Try to go in with health potions if you can.
  • She has several different attacks, but her position after teleporting will tell you what one she’s going to do so pay attention to it!
  • Her first attack is randomised I believe, but usually she’ll teleport to the middle of the screen.
  • If she’s floating in the middle of the screen, she’s going to shoot rings of bullets at you. They track to your position just as she launches, so hug the left side wall and time your double jumps.
  • She ALWAYS follows this attack up with a ground pound below. Be patient, wait for the spikes to vanish then smack her around a bit.
  • If she stands on the floor and waves her arms she’ll summon 5 ice swords like the pink slimegirls from before in the area. Be patient with jumps and try to dash and hit her when there are only 1 or 2 left.
  • If she appears on either far side and holds a hand out she’s going to fire a laser forward. Wait a second then try to doublejump and dash in the air to avoid it. This is the best time to DPS her safely.
  • I’m pretty sure she has an attack where she pulls a spear out and charges back and forth a few times too, but she refused to use it on me this time. If she does it, be very careful and airdash; she’ll change direction if you just jump overhead.

Third Boss Tips

  • For the most part I think she’s easier than the 2nd boss, by dint of you usually having VERY good gear by now.
  • As usual, spears have to jump attack her boobs.
  • She’ll almost always open up by plunging her hands into the earth, doing like 30 of those ice slime ground needle attacks. It’s VERY hard to avoid sometimes, try to double jump into airdash and go for a safe spot.
  • She always follows this up with a horizontal swordswing, but it’s easily dashed through. Smack her a bit while you can.
  • If she hides in the plant, she’ll summon green orbs in the air. They detonate diagonally and aren’t a threat at all if you just watch your positioning.
  • If she wiggles side to side, she’s going to summon 3 green blobs like the green slimegirls. They linger a while so be careful and don’t get greedy trying to attack.
  • She can sometimes just go for a horizontal swordswing if you’re close when she opens her plant up. Dash through and smack her up.
  • Honestly apart from her needles attack she’s pretty free compared to the enemies you had to fight to get to her. Just be patient, Fire/Ice Shield her tits off and you’ll be fine. :3
  • Yes you are forced to die once you get past her, it’s intentional because the game’s not finished yet chillax.

Build Recommendations

If you can, try for a Sin+100% Ring or something early on. Damage Reduction is also VERY useful, especially if you stack it. Nothing like taking 24% damage from all sources!

Once you get about halfway through Zone 2, try to look for a type of spear called something like Royal Crescent in particular; high stunrate is BUSTED and will stop any nonboss enemy (Apart from club women) from taking any action at all.

As for spending Sin? Level up as much as you can around the Middle Path so you can get more potions, health and damage resistance. Longevity is what you want with such limited healing available, not raw damage. Also try to get the +Status chance% skill too, nothing wrong with more chance for stun or lifesteal on weapons (Especially with how ♥♥♥ lifesteal chances normally are).

Once you’ve increased your health, damage resistance, mana , luck and potions you can do what you want to be honest. Pumping all three of the other vendors to L3 doesn’t hurt much, though it’s a low priority; you’ll usually find far better ♥♥♥ in the dungeon as you go. Always grab Fire/Ice Shield before entering if you can though, it ruins the first boss.

Closing Thing

Just remember to be patient, and for god’s sake use a controller, and you’ll realise the game’s way easier than you guys think it is.

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  1. Remember that the Nurse and other NPCs that buff your health also restore it, so if you’re in trouble it’s worth sacrificing the damage or mana buffs for it.

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