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About Stalcraft

STALCRAFT – is a time-tested MMO shooter set in the open world of the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Play for free. Read more. Story and quests.


After defeating an enemy, you can pick up his backpack, but it is not possible to get items from it. Although many players don’t like this solution, it is designed to prevent experienced players who have acquired a strong arsenal of weapons from intentionally killing newcomers (or vice versa) and giving them their weapons. However, backpacks can be sold to their owners, which is a good way to make money.

Infectious Disease

In the game we find places where it is possible to get infected. There are four types of infections:

  • Biological.
  • Radiation.
  • Dogs exposure.
  • Thermal.

Each of these is divided into three levels of intensity. If you find yourself in such a contaminated area, it pays to ensure that your equipment is adequately protected.

Playing Alone vs. Playing in a Group

Stalcraft can be successfully played alone, but you need to be wary because this virtual world is full of danger. It is definitely safer to play in a group. To add someone as a friend, enter your PDA and select “Friends”. There you will find a “+” icon, click on it and you can enter the player’s nickname to add them to your friends. You can then add a friend to your team.

Sending and Receiving Emails

You can send emails to other players, but you need a courier to do so. Couriers are available on bases that allow you to send and receive emails. To send an email, simply enter the name of the player you want to send the email to and then select who you want to send it to.

Collecting Items

As you play, you’ll come across a variety of items, from low-value junk to real treasures. Almost anything is worth collecting at the start of an adventure, as you never know what you’ll find useful, plus you can sell your gear and you’ll always have money to spare.


In the game, you will encounter a large number of NPCs that perform important functions. You can meet the following characters:

  • Equipment dealer – sells and buys weapons.
  • Merchant – buys artifacts and unnecessary items.
  • Supply Trader – sells ammunition, first aid kits, etc.
  • Mechanic – repairs and upgrades equipment.
  • Auctioneer – allows you to participate in auctions.
  • Courier – allows you to send and receive letters.
  • Explorer – upgrades your artifacts.
  • Contract Broker – Orders daily tasks.

Extra Tip

  • If you hold down the spacebar, you can jump a little higher, making it easier to reach the hills.
  • The stamina is divided into three parts: red, yellow and green. If the section is red, you can run, but you can’t jump. If the bar is yellow, you can jump to standard height. A higher jump is only possible if the bar is green.
  • If you hold down the C key, you get quick access to 9 slots. For example, you can place weapons there and change them without having to go to the inventory.
  • You don’t have to play alone. Even if none of your friends have Stalkraft, you can make new friends directly in the game.
  • There’s no such thing as a quick move, but if you don’t have any valuable items on you, you can type /suicide in chat to kill your character and revive yourself at the last base you visited. This command is also useful if you get stuck somewhere.
  • If you have valuable equipment that you don’t want to carry with you, you can store it in the storage box found in the base.
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