SCP: 5K – How to Re-contain SCP 7528 (Screen Anomaly)

How to beat the Education Center Anomaly.

The Basics

So you fought your way into the common room and have to restart the elevator and now you need to go into the education center?

Theres three things you need to do before you can safely proceed down the elevator.

  • You must first: Obtain the level 1 keycard
  • Then: gather the passcodes for the projector rooms
  • And finally shut off the projectors and grab the level 2 card.

This is easier said than done but its not as bad once you know what to do.

The Skip Itself

The skip in question is SCP 7528 which is a nasty cognitohazard which means it affects those who look at it and if you pay attention to the bodies strung about you may have noticed the “explosive” results.

The main threat of this skip is that it can jump between screens meaning it follows its victims and can’t be trapped in one room.

The fact that the skip is a visual cognitohazard is both its biggest danger and its weakest link.

How do you not get killed by it? You simply look down or away from the screen and it can’t hurt you unless its in the projector room then it can kill you if you get too close to the big screen.

You know where it is by a loud buzzing noise that it sounds every time it jumps a screen. Don’t worry as just because its near you doesn’t mean it can hurt you (unless you look at it then you’re screwed.)

Once you turn off power to the Education center the Skip is contained and you can freely move about the rooms without fear of dying to the skip.

The Keycard Locations

You can find a total of 3 level one keycards strung about the corpses of the former personnel. Press F when you get the prompt to interact but since theres no animation or sound it can be hard to know if you grabbed it. You can check what keycards you have by pressing Tab.

  • The first one is in the room to your right once you first enter the area that the anomaly can attack you. It should be on the table next to the dead body.
  • The second level one card is on a body on the center pillar in the “Central Seating” area.
  • The last level one keycard is on a body on the second floor of the lounge all the way in the back.
  • The only level 2 keycard is located in the maintenance hallway in the projector #4 room and its next to a dead body, you can’t miss it since it glows and is blue.

Projectors and Codes

The secondary threat of the education center is the projectors which are able to kill you if you get too close to the screen.

You need 4 codes to shut off the 4 projectors. If you forget a code press J to open the journal and it will tell you what the code is and which projector its for. But remember to press F on the code to get it in the journal.

  • The first code is in the front row near the center and is next to the dead body.
  • The second code is on the front right body (this is oriented where the projector is in front)
  • The third code is on the front left body in one of the side areas.
  • The last code is on the front right body thats closest to the maintenance door.

Do Not bother remembering codes as its randomized each game.

Fighting the Skip and how to make it easier.

You can make fighting this skip much easier by either

  • A) Splitting up into teams to get codes. It can’t be two places at once and will often agro on one person until they die. But I recommend this only for large lobbies as its much easier to coordinate and slip by undetected with more people.
  • B) This is essential but open any door you can, this makes it much easier for teammates to follow you and get back to where they were when they died plus it makes it much easier to navigate.
  • C) There’s maps of the place everywhere, it may seem like a maze and it kinda is but theres maps at every intersection which helps you from getting lost.
  • D) If you look at the skip then don’t panic and shoot out the screen and quickly get behind cover and wait until your screen goes back to normal.

In Conclusion

SCP 7528 is a nasty piece of work but if you remember what I told you and where everything is you’ll be fine and worst comes to worst you die once or twice.

Rely on your teammates and remember to avoid all screens and you will be fine.

Remember you’re FBI UIU so be UIUseful not UIUseless.


  1. Shooting the monitors makes it less likely that 7528 will hang out on that same monitor

  2. SCP-7528 kills by sight AND proxomity, not just sight alone.

    There are also multiple Level 2 keycards, not just 1 spawn, though they are fixed locations.

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