Tarisland – Silverlit City Treasure Chest Puzzle Strategy

All Chest Locations (10/10)

There are 10 chests in total, and each chest requires one key:

  1. Enter the key on the left shelf.
  2. The key in the statue’s hand, buy the stairs from the store and take it up.
  3. You can touch the key inside the Trevi Fountain.
  4. Give task props after hitting the lizard, if there are many people, form a team to share with the whole team, and the lizard will be refreshed in ten minutes.
  5. The Grass Key.
  6. Sky Island Key, which requires prestige level 10 flight or a large number of stairs.
  7. The library dungeon faces the first boss with a key on the left shelf.
  8. Perform the quest chain according to the points in the picture: 1 honey> 2 candy> 3 rag dolls> 4 treasure maps> 5 keys.
  9. Not on this map, in Ancash Canyon, on a small island in the upper right corner of the Bones Desert Island, you can pick up the quest item Drifting Bottle (coordinates 1554, 1334).
  10. Fishing with any bait in Silverlit City has a chance to get quest items, with an average of more than 100 fishing.

Silverlit City Map

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I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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