Sea of Thieves – How to Raid a Vault

This guide is to teach you how to raid a vault if you having trouble!

Guide to Raid a Vault

All credit goes to Droplee!!

How-To (Step-by-Step)

Step one

First you will need to get the quest, it should say something about a golden wayfinder, then put it in your ship, and simply vote on it!

Step two

Now you will need to set sail! Pull out your golden wayfinder and follow the key. Go onto any islands it points out, and follow it. Once it starts spinning, dig down and around you until you find a message in a bottle. Once found you can piece together a map with each piece. Once you can identify the location and island travel and dig it, there you will find a key.

Step three

Now once it is dug up, you will be able to read something on it. I will say an island and give you a clue, you can google where to put the key if you need too. Once the key is placed it will open up a passage, go into the passage until you reach the end, one there, a door will open and the time will start!

Step four

Once you get inside, there will be piles of gold, chest and a table in the middle of some sort up on the platforms you will be able to find keys. They have a picture on them, and are circular/ hexagonal. Put them in the slot on the table and if you get on top you can see the symbols. Move the blocks on the far side of the room until they all match and press the button. The fourth will be all the symbols in one image.

Remember! Make sure to have them in the right orientation!

Final step

Once you have done this, start to move everything out the room, remember the clock is ticking, have it be just outside the door. Once it is all out, start grabbing the gold on the ground, and even once the door is about the close (it rumbles violently) keep grabbing gold, for where you opened the vault to get there will still be open when you respawn. Then just keep grabbing gold until you drown, move it all to your ship then your ready to sail!

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  1. Good guide! It is also worth noting if it helps anybody that the medallions needed for the puzzle have a silver glint to them, and that glint is much brighter than anything else in the room. Helps to spot them from up higher

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