Seablip – Gameplay FAQ (Combat, Mechanics and Saves)

Frequently Asked Questions


How to get to the funeral?

To get to the funeral you need to go in the direction right on Seablip Island, and when at the big mansion, go bottom right, then continue right. (The event will start regardless of time if you are on the correct day). I know that it can be a little difficult to find the right direction for this event.

How to make time go forward?

  • Times is not a constant thing in Seablip.
  • You can sleep at home (in your bed).
  • Or as an option when you get the “island menu” on World Map (button on the bottom left side).
  • Or move back and forth on a scene.

What is the difference between golden and silver anchors?

  • Gold = Visited.
  • Silver = Not been there.

How to increase the speed of a ship?

Ship speed increases if you have a sailor at the wheelhouse, but is lost if the wheelhouse is destroyed. And if you do not have any sailor at the wheel at all, speed is slowly going to zero. Shooting with cannons also affects the speed.

How to add ore to the melter?

Select ore in “Action inventory” then right click on melter.

  • You need 5 ore to start the melter.
  • Melter is done next day/night.

Possible bug! If you use pickaxe on the melter with ore you lose the ore.

How to regrow trees?

You will need to plant the saplings. First use the shovel, to dig, then select sapling and right/left click. Some saplings require sand/dirt. You can’t dig on rock.

What’s the max level? Do sailors gain a third skill?

Max level is 10. Two skill is max. But skill can be better on higher level (for instance, some active skill has a limit of use per battle. This limit can increase on a higher level).

How to get the bottle upgrade?

You can find it from sunken treasure chest, enemy reward: octopus, dead, locked treasure chest.

One Way Barrel Explained

One way barrel lets you send a pirate to the opposite ship. if you have a high hp person with high attack, you can kill most of the pirates, which is more effective than just shooting the ship down. If you kill the pirates before it sinks, you get the ship guarantied. You can send multiple using the same barrel room. Each person has to build their own barrel.


How to defend against sharks?

Shark do different damage based on max health. The shark will not attack sailors inside. A sailor skill, “Untasty”, prevent all shark attack on that sailor.

Combat Tips

  • Some of the upgrades focus on crew damage, while other focus on ship damage.
  • Poison, Fire, Electricity and Stun is efficiant effect towards crew.
  • You can combine: Poison and Fire or Water and Electricity or Smoke to stop Poison
  • Smoke also make it impossible to work on the room while the smoke is active.
  • A gas last longer inside than outside
  • Fire spread faster upwards – Fire spread lower in rain ect.

Crew Damage Explained

Not all cannons do crew damage or visa versa. Crew damage from cannons is also most often connected to the target room (you only need to hit the room they are occupying – not directly where they are – also meaning if you hit a room outside, right beside another room, you won’t damage the crew on the other room, because the outside area is also parted into room/zones). Sailors can also avoid damage with luck. Certain skills give more damage to cannons.


Save File Location

  • Users\Your_Name\AppData\LocalLow\Vibedy\Seablip\SaveData\Saves

Note: The AppData folder may be hidden, if so, you must make it visible!

Is the beta savefile compatible with the early access version?


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