Third Crisis – Gameplay FAQ + Puzzles

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get back to town from the mansion?

Go into the mines. Look for a passage on the right as soon as you go in. This passage takes you to the motel. If you don’t see the passage, go up the ladder into the Carcen Tunnels. Then go right. This will take you to the Abandoned House in Carceburg.

How do I get the 3rd ending?

You need 0 Perversion as you start the final bossfight. See below for a cheat.

Go to game settings, enable skip mode. Then go to tab menu, stats page, click the “-” on perversion until you have 0, then start the final bossfight.

Guards don’t notice Jenna at night, even though she is in their vision cone

Turn off Skip mode in the gameplay settings.

How do I get the scene XYZ?

The gallery tells you how to get every scene.

I get stuck in the Lumber Rats fights, they don’t complete

This usually happens with the skip combat button. Either use the console command “combat.killenemies” or do the fight normally.

How do I start the Christmas quest?

You need a save in Carceburg that has the Patrol with Throb quest active or finished. Exit the motel and you should get the Christmas event quest.

Is there a way to enable seasonal events outside of their season?


Is there pregnancy in the Third Crisis? Will there be any in the future?


How do I find Rida?

You’ve reached the end of the implemented main story content.

Where to find the whisky at the gag storehouse?


Game Crashes on Android when loading some levels

Try lowering the texture settings.

I changed some control settings & now I can’t click any UI anymore

Go to:

%APPDATA%..\LocalLow\Anduo Games\Third Crisis

Or gor to:

  • C:\Users\Your_Name\AppData\LocalLow\Anduo Games\Third Crisis

Note that AppData is a hidden Folder. And delete the Settings.sav

Game crashes when opening the missions tab

This seems to happen when the Spanish translation is active. Try switching the language of the game to English in the in-game settings.

I’m trying to do a pure run, but I’ve somehow gained perversion

Either load a previous save and retrace your steps, or use the console: stat.setvalue stat_perversion, 0

I want to lock the gallery to play again from 0

Gallery.LockAll in the in-game console will reset your gallery.

Do I need to patch the steam version for NSFW content?


Save File Location

  • C:\Users\Your_Name\AppData\LocalLow\Anduo Games\Third Crisis\Saves

AppData folder might be hidden, in which case you have to make it visible!

Escape Room Puzzles

The escape room has some puzzles that are too hard or confusing. We made some pictures to help you. These pictures show how to solve each keypad and what numbers to put in. This should make it easier!

Left Keypad (Colors) Puzzle

  • Solution: 3142

Right Keypad (Maze) Puzzle

  • Solution: 2571

Middle Keypad (Sorting) Puzzle

  • Solution: 8392

Final Keypad Puzzle

  • Solution: 9618

I hope you find this helpful!

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