Seraph’s Last Stand – How to Deal Tons of Damage (Thunder Staff)

You’ll be doing tons of damage, and stand in place a lot. You will become The God of Thunder!


  • Staff – really? you need to ask? Yeah it’s Thunder Staff. It will summon thunder from the air and it starts with relatively high damage.
  • Hat – Challenger’s Hat. Because it will give you 20% chance of getting an upgrade twice. It’s super useful.

Early Levels (Below 20)

First goal on early levels should be to increase attack speed and to unlock the ability to get any perk we want!

On purple levels, target the following upgrades (priority from top to bottom):

  1. Appraisal – Gives you +1 choice between levels, but for us the most important is the ascencion we get after we pick this 3 times – the Dealer which will allow you to Reroll all cards for free!
  2. Tome – For scaling
  3. Life steal (Leech) – not more than once

On Green/White levels:

  1. Attack speed (Resonance) – we need at least 8 stacks. After we reach 8 stacks, we should drop the priority below thunder as that one is quite important
  2. Life steal (Leech, but not more than once for now, you can also pick healing orbs instad)
  3. Critical chance (Eyesight) not more than until ascencion, which will make first hit on each monster critical. On this level, first hit will often be the last one…)
  4. Thunderbolt – We need the God of Thunder ascencion, so let’s start building one. It gives you 3x damage on thunder and it does work on your staff damage!
  5. Critical damage (Precision).

Note on Dealer

Make use of the dealer ascencion! You are now master of your fate! With the hat you should be able to have it on level 5 (if it happens to trigger double item) with near certainty that you’ll have it before level 20.

I cannot stress it enough – this is overpowered not only in this build. You can start almost any build with focusing dealer, just because it removes randomnes from item picks later on.

Note on “Help, I am DYING”

Normally that should not happen here… Wait! You forgot yourLife steal (Leech) or Healing Orb, didn’t you?

Note on White vs Green

After you have at least 3 stacks of tome, items like damage will give you more on white tier than on green tier (Green tier is 200% of White tier, while 3x tome gives you 205% of all white tier items).

Mid Levels (20-65)

You should now have high attack speed, full dealer, a bit of life steal and have all first atacks on the monster crit. Now let’s ramp up the damage and defense. We want to be in a place, where our damage * lifesteal will outweight the damage we can take between invurnelability cooldowns and with our defense.

Priorities on Purple:

  1. “Tom, go for Tome!” Always take tome first. Other priorities? What other priorities, just smash that reroll untill you get tome!
  2. Ok, I can see how other things may be useful. Which? A level or two in shield for instance.
  3. Focus also can be useful, as you don’t need to move much once you have damage.

But if you can pick something in white/green tiers, don’t waste my precious Tome time on it.

Priorities on Green/White:

  1. First, we really need thunderbolt ascencion – God of Thunder. That will tripple our thunder damage.
  2. Then we need to stack up defense (Resist). A lot of it. Something like 9-10 stacks should do.
  3. Also pick few more attack speed (Resonance) levels. Just to rump up with monsters. As an added bonus – depending on how many stacks you ahve and how many tomes you were able to pick early on, – you might notice that your wall of thunders can now block most of the incoming projectiles.
  4. Then we need to get 3-5 levels of invurnelability after hit (cloak) – you’ll need that later, trust me.
  5. Somewhere in between you’ll notice, that things no longer die on one hit. Use +50% crit damage cards (Precision) and white damage (Catalyst) (usually crits will give you more, but you can get the damage twice).
  6. Once you notice that single hits are getting dangerously close to low HP, boost your defense (Resist) and your HP (Growth). Remember, that HP is better from white upgrades than green with 3 tomes, and at some point also better than purple one (there is a separate guide for that).

Note on “I am f***ing invincible!!!!!!”

Don’t worry it will pass. Use that time to boost your ego.

Note on “How about Fragmentation?”

AKA as “They explode into chaos on the screen”.

I have mixed feelings with that one. It is powerful, but it will often waste the first hit crit for something that’s really low damage compared to thunderbolts.

Note on “How about X?”

Somewhere around level 40 you should feel full freedom of choice. Experiment the hell out of it! Just stay away from stability – I don’t think it works with thunders.

For example I always wanted to try ascending with luck into Blessed – the one where you have 5% changce of getting purples instead white/green. I wonder how it interacts with Dealer, but I have feeling it will be beyond broken.

Note on “Do I even have to move?”

Meh. I mean if you want to, sure.

Levels 65+

First of all what happens on 65? Nothing. Justeverything slows down, and the damage falls off. It will be slow, so you will have time to react with more crit damage.

What now?

I am not sure. You tell me.

  • E.g. Growth ascention is cool.
  • Enemies will start piling around you, so keep your eye on damage taken vs lifesteal.
  • Grab more Cloaks (invulnerability after hit), maybe some damage and focus.
  • Movement speed (Swift) will help you push through the mass of enemies. Why? I dunno. Maybe to stretch your legs? One pick will be enough.

Please, let me know how it went!

Levels 75+

Sh*t, sorry, forgot to tell you. Now you need to start moving.

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