Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew – Golden Skeletons Guide

Ever notice that trapdoor under the stairs of the training deck? The shiny skeletons are the key!

Guide to Golden Skeletons


The first golden skeleton is in Afia’s “Blink” tutorial. After you teleport past the first set of guards and climb the vines, teleport under the bow of the floating ship and blink again through the cracks of the boards.


In the “Shadow Step” tutorial, progress until you’ve past through the torii. Move Toya close enough to toss down the talisman and teleport to it.


At the very end of the “Wander Dust” tutorial, you’ll see a floating platform the skeleton on it. I killed it before I started taking screenshots for this guide, but it’s about where I threw the cover seeds. You’ll need to hit the skeleton with the dust, run over to the canon, and shoot it.


In Teresa’s “Iron Judgment” tutorial, clear to the end. Click on the floating platform around the side of the tower to make her move, then snipe the skeleton from your better vantage point.


After killing the first enemy in the “The Below” tutorial, move John near the wall and anchor down.

Swivel the camera around to see a hidden platform and kill the skeleton (skelly not pictured bc I already got em).


In Quentin’s Challenge Room, clear the room with the two big boxes and make a quick save. Maneuver him to the smashed wall as pictured, and throw down your head. The golden skeleton will walk over to it, so quickly reel it up and stab the rotten skelly for being so greedy.


This is where I have to admit that I am not a pro-gamer who’s 100% the game in 4 days. Apologies.

I do not know how to kill the next two golden skeletons.

In Gaelle’s Challenge Room, it looks like you’re supposed to use firecrackers to bait the skeleton to a spot where you can rope it up like in Quentin’s room, but the skeleton just looks blankly at the explosion.


This is the other one I haven’t killed. In Pinkus’ “Coin” tutorial, the skeleton is on a small, floating platform that appears to be impossible to reach. If the guards you posses were able to shoot, it would be simple, but for now, I don’t know how it would be possible to kill this one.

And with that, I’ve given a mostly complete guide to every golden skeleton maybe. Perhaps there is a ninth skeleton that I haven’t seen. After all, I haven’t reached 85% completion.


  1. I killed a few golden skeletons, but the trapdoor remains un-interactable? Is there another step I have to do or something?

  2. There is a cannon next to the second guard of pinkus coin tutorial. Throw a coin on it and they will shoot the skeleton. Press LS to find out, which cannon it is. (psst… the middle one)

  3. If you take the skeleton that is scrubbing the floor on Gaelle’s training deck and enter the challenge room it will disappear from the cannon, but you still can shoot something from your cannon.

    • Not sure if this is a bug, but after clearing the Pinkus skeleton and entering trap door, after talking to Estelle I got Quentin’s avatar in the dialogue 🙂

  4. Quentins: throw a gold coin at the canon near the second guard in the level (really evil, how could one know?)

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