Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew – General Badges Guide

Most badges there are described here.

Guide to General Badges


This guide may contain spoilers for the game.

Badges not listed here will come naturally while playing the game (e.g. Welcome To The Other Side – Take down 3000 guards in total).

Badges may also not be listed if they’re so self explanatory or unmistakable that there’s nothing this guide can add to help with the badge.

No Regrets

Finish all Captain’s Tests

While playing the game, you have to complete a couple of missions specifically for each character, where each starts with talking to a mirror. After they’re finished, you progress the main story without being able to complete the rest of the crew. Don’t worry, after finishing the game, you’re able to do the rest of them. For this badge you simply need to do all of those.

Grand Design

Execute a plan with 8 characters

There are two missions in total where you play with all 8 crew mates. Simply use shadow mode, do something with each character and then execute.

Piercing Shot

Kill more than 2 guards with a cannon environment kill

There are a couple of islands with cannons, but the easiest here is Calamity Reef. South-East of the map is a very small area/sandpatch that has a small tower with a Iudex on top. There is a cannon with two guards already standing in front of it and a third one walking by.

Take Suleidy in a night mission, swim to the bush near the cannon, grow another bush near the cannon, sit in there and simply wait for the third guard to walk by.

Face the Maiden’s Wrath

Keep an alarm going for 5 consecutive minutes

There are multiple ways to get this badge.

Look out for 2 guards. Knock them out without tying them, so that they can wake up again. Just before they both wake up, slap on of them again. After he raises an alarm, knock him out and let the other one wake up. Repeat until badge earned

This requires Gaëlle. Kill 11 guards (1 for time buffer). Take them all with you to a safe place (on top of a building without a ladder for example, no bush because the corpses disappear there) with some guards nearby. Then, shoot the corpses one by one into the sight of the guards at the right time.

For this I recommend Teresa, Quentin and John, but you will need to have Johns and Teresas Skill be upgraded: Look out for an area with at least 12 guards and a safe place – e.g. a bush – nearby (an alarm goes for 30 seconds, the last guard is for time buffer and one is for seeing the last kill). Inside the bush, go to the down below with John and use Pull Below for Quentin. Now with Teresa, simply shoot any guard and immediatly pull her down as well. When no guard is near the bush, come up with Quentin to fetch Teresas Bolt. Repeat until badge appears. This can be easily done in the last big mission on Morrow’s Reach

Bigger On The Inside

Step inside the Marley’s holds

Disclaimer: This Badge currently seems bugged

For this you simply have to go inside the Marley at any time. This should pop up the first time you’re inside of her.

Keep It Simple

Finish a mission without using any distractions

While this should be self explanatory, it’s not quite. Distractions are basically any skill of any character that is not a kill, except for Pinkus’ Peruse Mind (but talking to guards again is distraction).

So even tho logically freezing someone in time with Afia isn’t “distracting”, it still counts as such. But on the other hand, everything else that distracts guards doesn’t count for this.

You can still lure them with your tracks in the sand, throw a body somewhere, knock down something environmental or extinguish lights.


Finish any mission in under 3:00 minutes

Now for this you obviously want to pick a short mission on a low difficulty. I recommend Fragments on New Krucbury with only Afia in your team. It takes a bit of practice, but this mission can easily be done in between 1 and 2 minutes.

After starting the mission, you can immediatly run to the Iudex in the Lighthouse and kill him for your mission objective, you don’t need to get the memories first. After that, you can already go to the next tear to finish the mission.

Just remember to use Afias time freeze for your advantage. This badge also becomes a lot easier with Afias upgraded skill Grand Blink.

Beach Episode

On the Marley, have all crewmates who can swim in the water at the same time

As the text states, you have to be on the Marley for that (in between missions, in your idle hub if you will).

Simply select Gaëlle, look for Toya, Suleidy, John and Quentin and shoot them into the water.

Spooky Lighting

On the Marley, have all usable light sources extinguished at the same time

This one is quite easy. Either you wait for the night and look out for every light source, or you can cheese it, wait for the day, turn on 1 light and turn it off again (the second solution might be patched out in the future)

If you do it the intended way, remember that there are light sources that aren’t interactable (ignore those) or that are hard to reach (you can use quentin’s fishing rod for those)

All In A Day’s Work

Finish all Crew Tales

This is probably one of the most fun ones and it takes the most time, since you can only progress a crew tale once in between each mission. For these, the game will tell you at some point You Can Start a Crew Tale.

Simply select any character and a quest icon somewhere will appear. Each Crew has 5 stages and you have 7 in total of them (Afia doesn’t have one). So you need to play at least 35 missions to get this badge.

These do not require any skill other than patience. They’re just fun to do any amazing little additions to the lore of each character.

And Stay Down

Kill all skellys on deck before one is revived again

This one is tricky. As you may have noticed, on the Marleys deck are skeletons, which are part of your crew. You can attack/kill them and after a couple of seconds, they will stand up again as if nothing happened. So the task is simple: Kill ’em all. But the schedule for this is very tight and it is nearly impossible to do this with one single character. Also, which makes it even a little more tricky, you cannot command multiple crewmates at the same time, even with shadow mode.

So what you have to do: Take a look at the deck so that you know where all of your playable crewmates are. Go from one side to another. Use shadow mode in between your steps to not loose any time. Now select a crew mate, select a skelly and kill it. At soon as the killing animation starts, go in shadow mode and look out for the next crew mate near a skelly and then repeat. Kill it, wait for the animation to start, use shadow mode, look out for next crew mate.

Quick Inspection

On the Marley, move from the Captain’s cabin to the very front of the ship in 5 seconds

Select Toya, go the very front of the ship, use Katashiro, go back to the Captain’s cabin and use Shadow Swap.

Cry Some More

Find and kill all Mimimi Devs

While this is self explanatory, I want to state that currently, this badge is bugged (One Dev is not registered when killed).

So as soon as this is fixed, I will either delete this section or enhance it.

Team Effort

Take down 16 guards within 10 seconds

I recommend The Captain’s Treasure on Morrow’s Reach. There you have all crewmates, a lot of enemies and it is night. I did this on the eastern part of the map. The easiest to do this is to select a low difficulty and have 2 pistol shots with every character as this is the fastest kill with the highest range (except Teresas Iron Judgement and Afias Grand Blink). Execute 2 shadow modes with all characters with minimal walking distance and it should be done easily.

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