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Contents Spoilers!!! This guide describes how to obtain most (more under Info) badges for Iron Bay.


Some badges are so straight forward that they’re not specified in this guide

If something important is missing, let me know!

Island Badges

Forced Meditation

Tie up a guard and put them on a free mat

Workplace Accidents

Kill 10 guards with envirnoment kills in one mission

Your Highness

Kill the Prognosticar standing on a tower

Wishing Well

Throw a coin into a well at the Sanatorium

Back To the Pit

Throw 5 tied up guards into the Prison pit

Snatched From the Pit

Lockpicks Anyone?

Don’t pick up any keys

This requires at least Gaëlle. Either you shoot your teammates directly near the pit and later pull them back using Kanol Recall (which has infinite range) or you additionally take Quentin with you to reel everyone in with the Treasure Rod.

Ash and Ore

Keep It Quiet

Finish the mission without any guns

Cannons and Teresa’s Iron Judgement do not count into this.

Measure Is Unceasing

Don’t attack any of the 4 Commisarius that are scrutinizing cursed Objects

For this I recommend you take Pinkus and 2 crewmates who can distract. Use Peruse Mind on a Acolyte near the objective and position him right in front of it. When the Prognosticar finished talking to the Commisarius after inspecting the crate, distract the 2 Commisarius that are looking at the objectiveand immediatly start interacting with the it. After you’re done, just go away and finish the mission.

The White Mile

Only one crewmate is allowed to step on the grand bridge

I recommend doing this with Suleidy. She has a fast melee (2 seconds) and can quickly hide bodies with Cover Seeds. Just be patient and kill every guard on the bridge to slowly progress to your objective.

To Xibalba!

Throw the guard at the end of grand bridge into the pit

Teresa’s Lament (Ch. 1)

All Is Quiet

Kill all guards in the Sanatorium

For some reason, the lonely Acolyte patroling at the spiky cliff at the side of the Sanatorium seems to count into this:

Our Own Way Up

Don’t use any ladders or ivies

You can either start the mission at the Jagged Peninsula landing spot or alternatively the Wombo Combo is your way to go. Select Gaëlle and Quentin to shoot everyone to the place you want to go and reel the rest in with Treasure Rod. If you do it this way, I recommend doing it together with the next badge.

The Other Way In

Don’t use any doors or gates

It’s Wombo Combo time once again. Select Gaëlle and Quentin to shoot everyone over the walls and reel the rest in with Treasure Rod.

Keep It Quiet

Finish the mission without using any guns

Remember that Teresa’s Iron Judgement doesn’t count into this.

Quentin’s Hunt (Ch. 2)

Absent Assassin

Kill the Prognosticar while no one is inside the red square area

The important part here is, that not even your team is allowed inside that area, so either take Teresa with you and position her on the tower or on the balcony next to the area.

Kill the 2 guards inside and hide the bodies (just to be sure). The man in the cage doesn’t count into this so you can ignore him.


Finish the mission without setting foot on the big bridge

You can either take Gaëlle with you to shoot everyone into position, or you can take the one other path:

Pinkus’ Duty (Ch. 1)

Our Own Way Up

Don’t use any ladders or ivies

Pretty straight forward, I recommend doing this together with the next badge.

Straight To The Point

Don’t set foot in the main prison yard

(The one with the L shaped pit)

For this you need to have Gaëlle in your team to shoot Pinkus over the wall and Quentin to reel him back over the wall with Treasure.

You can use Peruse Mind on the Acolyte that is paroling the wall, which gives you enough range to go into the building with the objective. Shoot him to the position in the screenshot, the Commisarius will notice it and start walking towards Pinkus, but as soon as he stands up, the guard will go away again.

Valuable Secrets

Enter the secret cave that leads into the prison

The entry is right outside at the northwall:

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