Ship Graveyard Simulator – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Most of this achievements are pretty self-explaining. Focused ppl like myself, be a little more effective. I will however cover all, so u can go here safely and only look at the one you are having a problem with

How to Obtain All Achievements

First day

  • Get it by using the bed for the first time


  • Requires workshop built

Use the furnace and craft any item.

Demolition man

  • Simply wack 100 objects into tiny pieces

First week

  • Well, a week has passed (use the bed 7 times)

Gold rush

  • Find some gold

Can be found on the beach with a little luck

But are easy to come by, if u book a medium/large ship and open safe´s.


  • Barracks required

Hire your first worker.

When u have barracks level 3, u got room for 9 workers.

  • 7 you can find running around within the “town”.
  • 8 are where u started the game, in some ships ruins (dead ahead from your house, when u face the ship).
  • 9 run to the right side of your ship, then follow the water line right, until u see a big rock formation that u cant pass, look right, there should be a worker in some ruins there too.
  • 10 can be found by going direct north until u hit the ocean, then turn left.

He will be standing at the bow of a shipwreck(best way to get in is from the front left side.

Complete list of worker to be found

NameResource 1Resource 2CostTier
JohnRusted SteelCopper201
AdamCopperCast Iron231
BobOilRusted Steel261
JackCast IronOil261
TomPetroleumRusted Steel392
JerryAliminumCast Iron422
JonStainless SteelAluminum513

Work pays

  • Make 10K

Destroy -> sell -> repeat.

Just play the game, u will get it anyway.


(min. 8 skillpoints are reqiured)

  • The skill to unlock master level locks are found by pressing the key “U”.
  • Then order/book a medium/large ship and go to find a master level lock.
  • Can be containers/safe/chest/doors etc.


(requires workshop lvl 2)

  • Combine the mats needed and upgrade the shop to level 3.

Blob blob

  • Fall into the ocean.

Just jump off one of the ships.


  • Pass out from an explosion

This can be done by cutting red gas pipes without turning the safety valve off first.

Or buy (requires shop level 2)

Plant the bomb, run until u can trigger it, then run back towards the bomb.

Dont worry, like in the ocean, u wont die.


  • Combine enough mats. to upgrade the workshop to level 3.

(requires shop level 3)

To get the right tools for breaking down mats.

Bomb has been planted

  • This can be done while doing the “crispy” achievement

Simply plant your first bomb.


  • Hit a man with the hammer

Note: dont know if it has to be a man.


  • Upgrade barracks to level 3


(requires 3 workers, which requires barracks level 1)

  • Rip a hole in the side of a ship.

You need to order/book a ship that is marked “large”, medium and small wont have the option.

Run/drive to the beach, on each side of the ship, there will be a pulley u can use.


  • Drive 10 km

Well, get in that car, drive around the map for 1-2 hours.


  • Walk 25K steps

Again, at some point u will get it (but requies a bit of dedication).


  • Book ever ship

Use the computer to book a ship –> go to sleep -> dismiss ship -> book next ship on the list.

Repeat until you’ve booked em all.

X marks the spot

  • Find a treasure chest

Look at your ship, run right, until u see the last shack in town.

While having this shack on your left side, follow it until u pass it and go behind it.

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