Ships At Sea – Boat Tips (Change, Refuel and Upgrade)

Tips for upgrading from a rowboat to first motorboat and more knowledge.

Useful Tips to Use Boats

Changing from a Rowboat to Your First Motorboat

To afford your first motorboat, save some money by completing a few cargo missions with your rowboat. Two or three missions should be enough. Then, go to the first port (Rost or something similar) and find the Shipyard, which is located next to the shop and office, slightly to the right. Use the laptop there to buy a new ship, view available ships, upgrade, repair, sell, or customize your boat!

Refueling Your Motorboat

When you own a motorboat (the first one is called Roster, but you can change its name), check the map by pressing the M button. You will see signs indicating refuel stations in almost every port.

Repairing a Damaged Ship

To repair a damaged ship, simply go to the shipyard and use the laptop. Then, click on the maintenance button.

Skipping Time in the Game

To skip time in the game, move your cursor to the clock in your motorboat cabin and press the button to skip time. The game will ask you how many hours you want to rest.


Upgrading the propeller and steering wheel is essential for newbies to improve boat’s maneuverability. These upgrades provide better turning options, making navigation easier and more.

Upgrading to the 2nd engine, gold propeller, and highest throttle significantly improves the Roster’s control and speed. It feels more better.

The total cost for these upgrades is around 43,000 credits, which may seem steep at first. However, the enhanced maneuverability and increased speed make it a worthwhile investment.

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