SHUT IN – All Endings Guide (+ Puzzles)

This will be a complete walk through to all the endings and puzzles.


The endings of the game have no official names that I know of so I will be calling them the

  • Normal Ending
  • Good Ending
  • Decoration Ending
  • Hell Ending

Normal Ending (aka Minimum Effort)

You start in your bedroom ware the narrator tells you to put on some clothes.

To do this interact with the wardrobe. once you have done this the narrator gives you a list of other tasks to do. these tasks are important for if you want the good ending but if your going for the normal ending then you can ignore them completely.

There is a small key under your bed, this key is used to unlock your bedroom door. Once into the hallway do not walk past the lamp on the left side of the screen because it will kill you. instead stop right next to it and interact with it’s plug, when doing this make sure you switch of the plug and do not pull it, doing so will kill you.

Once you have turned of the lamp you can walk past it and enter the bathroom. once you enter the bathroom you are trapped, to escape you must first interact with the toilet and pull out the plunger. Next you must use the plunger on the bathtub, this will get you the door handle. Now you must put the door handle on the door and pull the screwdriver out of the shower head, doing so activates a quick time event ware the tub starts to fill with bugs. you need to use the screwdriver on the door handle before you can escape the room.

To the left of the bathroom door is the entrance to the attic. for now you can ignore the attic because it is not needed for the normal ending. Now go back into your bedroom and use the screwdriver on the jammed desk drawer to get the USB cable. Use the USB cable on the stairs and climb down.

Once down stairs head to the kitchen witch is the first working door on your right. once inside you should first open the cabinet next to the fridge, inside is a lighter. Nest use the plunger on the pot of boiling water. Once you open it, it prompts you to press a grey button, you should do this. Once you do it tells you a sound came from bellow the sink, Interact with it and crawl inside. Doing so brings you to a second form of the kitchen ware the game tells you that it smells familiar. Once there you need to use the screwdriver on the fridge to get the spatula.Once you have it, use it to pry open the oven and crawl in. After that you are now in the third version of the kitchen, in there you are limited to 2 actions and the 3rd will kill you. what you need to do is use the lighter on the fridge and then walk into it, this will place you back in the hallway ware the kitchen door has been replaced by a chalk drawing of a refrigerator.

Now go to the living room witch is the first working door to the left of the cord. Once inside walk up to the TV and pull the knife out of the table, doing so will cause a noise upstairs. Your bedroom door now has an X over it and going inside reveals it has been corrupted.Now walk over to your bed and stab the moving lump with the knife.Now go back to the living room and interact with the TV and type 19 into the boxes(you insert number bye pressing the up and down arrow keys), and that will cause the house keys to fall from the ceiling and onto the table pick them up, go back to the hallway and walk left until you reach the chalk drawing door with chalk windows next to it.

Use the spatula on the chalk drawing to reveal the real front door, now use the key on the front door. The narrator will continuously ask you to stop but you must push on. Once you open the door it is glowing red outside and your character passes out and wakes up in there bed.

And you get a ending screen that looks like this.

Good Ending

To get the good ending you must complete all of the tasks given to you by the narrator before you try to exit. These tasks are.

  • Wash your face.
  • Brush your teeth.
  • Comb your hair.
  • And Eat something.

To start you must.

Leave your bed room and complete, the bathroom, and kitchen just like above. but now go back upstairs ant use the spatula on the lamps plug in the upstairs hallway, the game will tell you that there is a toothbrush in the wires, you should pull it out.Doing this will cause a loud sound to come from the bathroom, this means it is now safe to go back in. Go into the bathroom and wash your face in the sink then use the toothbrush on the sink to brush your teeth.

Now go to the living room and do the whole thing with the knife and the lump just like above, and once you do that. While still upstairs use the lighter on the notepad next to the hallway lamp to get the number 57, witch when put into the TV makes this pop up on the screen for a few seconds.

That thing on the TV is telling you that the chalk door directly to the right of the cord is able to be scratched of with the spatula just like the front door, this new room looks like a kitchen. Inside that room interact with the over and retrieve the piece of paper, it says “01:” this is only half the message the other half will be found later. Now go upstairs to your bedroom and throw the small key in the garbage.Then go downstairs and into that new room and look in the garbage can, inside should be the key but the narrator tells you that there is something different about it now.

Go back to your bedroom and use the key on the bedroom door from the inside, the game should tell you that you somehow unlocked the unlocked door. Now when you leave your bedroom you should be in a infinite hallway instead of the regular one, Once there enter the door to your room and you should be in the endless hallway again but this time there is no door. Now walk in either direction until you reach some chains you can interact with, when you do climb them and they should take you to another endless hallway. Now walk to your right until you encounter a note on the floor, pick it up. it says “34” this is the second half of the other note.Now when you keep walking the screen starts to go dark. then you get a death screen and are returned to the door of the infinite hallway but you still have the note, now use the key on your door again and enter. It should now be your bedroom and you can leave to end up back in the normal hallway.

After going through all that a hairbrush should have spawned in under the hallway shelf take it to the bathroom sink and brush your hair. Now go down stairs and to the new kitchen, enter the numbers 1:34 into the microwave and wait (yes the game really makes you wait that long). Then go to the microwave and Eat the food.

Now that you have completed all tasks you should go get the house key, reveal the front door and try to unlock it. While the narrator is telling you not to leave they tell you that if you go to bed and sleep there will be a secret ending, listen to the narrator and go to bed (if you open the door you just get the normal ending). In the ending it shows you in your bed sleeping in a field. Then you get an ending screen like this.

Decorations Ending

To start get out of your room and turn of the lamp now go to the attic and once there enter the door directly to your left. Once inside pick up the watering can then water the plant. Now go to the bathroom and complete that, and go and water the plant again(it should have grown since last time).

Then do the kitchen (you should check the plant after every room if it has grown then water it. I think growing activates after you complete the bathroom,kitchen,crate,barricaded room, and after putting up most decorations, but i’m not totally sure. the plant is ready once it has a flower growing on it, pick the flower).Now walk to the right of the attic until you come across a crate

Used the screwdriver on the crate then pore water on it with the watering can, once you do both then use the plunger to open the crate. Now get in the crate and close the lid, once you try to leave and realize you can’t use the lighter to light the way. Walk all the way to the right until you reach the gift box, once you pick it up the walls will start closing in on you. Walk away from them until you reach the left wall. you will be crushed by the moving wall but you do not die, turn and face towards the background and interact with it. This will place you back in the attic ware a crow bar has suddenly spawned next to the door, pick it up and use it to open the barricaded door. Once inside interact with the stack of boxes and put them away so you can keep walking, pick up the souviners from the cabinet and the toy robot from the shelf. After doing those start filing away the papers blocking your path,while filing the narrator brings up 2 distractions don’t fall for either of them. now open the curtins and pick up the painting, Once you do this you need to get out of there as soon as possible. Now in the upstairs hallway use the spatula to remove the photo from the shelf. Then go to the living room and use the crowbar to obtain the trophy. Now go to the seating area in the attic and place down the flower,gift,souviners,toy robot,painting,photo, and trophy on the shelves and tables.

Now when you sit in the fully decorated seating area the narrator will prompt you to rest n the chair, say yes and you should get an end screen like this.

Hell Ending

First you must do the bedroom,bathroom,kitchen, and the whole living room thing to get the house key. Now go to your bed room and use the screwdriver on your computers plug to get the fuse.

Then on the first floor hallway all the way to the right is the basement door, go in put the fuse into the fuse box then take it back out, walk past the steam while it’s of(because it will kill you) and put the fuse into the second fuse box in the next room of the basement. From here i can’t really help you with the basement puzzle but once get past it turn of the boiler. The game does a fake out death and now the boiler is replace by a stairway. the room downstairs has a timed event ware the room is filling with smoke. to stop it throw your lighter into the furnace and GET AWAY FAST(because it will kill you). them the smoke will be cleared and you can now read the plaque on the wall. the plaque has the code to the door on the right side of the room, but after you put in the code you have to use the small key from your bedroom to finally open it. Once inside you are in a long hallway witch at the end is your front door in the floor, use the front door key on the door.

The door should have red behind it and the whole screen should turn red, then you will see a ending screen like this.

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